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Share dreams, dreaming tips, dream artwork/fiction, or anything else you would post on /zzz/.


Is it true that in a dream, you can't recognize faces - and recall them after you wake up?


Not true at all.
I remember a girl from a dream with who I fell in love, and generally I saw a lot of friends


Yeah, during lucid dreams I have very clearly recognized faces. Though not all of them have faces.

Fairly certain my *channing habits fed into a dream I had the other night. I've never been a lewdboi, but I recently dreamt my partner turned into a loli.

Thanks, internet.


I recognized Richard Stallman's face in a dream not too long ago so no.


I wouldnt think the brain generates faceless bodies during sleep and assigns them an actual face when you wake up.
Faceless bodies and normal face bodies are equally common in my dreams

Sometimes i dream of a faceless someone, but knowing who he is, because of the clothes or the body or the role in the dream


I suppose I'll share some of my dreams here
This is the first "interesting" dream I had after a long series of prosaic, boring dreams about school and my daily life.
I'd love to hear your interpretations if you have any.

#1 04/18/2017
>I find myself in a big zoo. Well it's not exactly a zoo. It's more like a giant labyrinth with walls resembling the artificial stones used to recreate the natural environment of animals in their zoo cages. In fact there are some zoo animals roaming on this labyrinth, as if I was in their cage. There is no vegetation, only dirt, stone, and animals.
>There's a man with me. He is dressed like a ranger (beige shirt, khaki pants) but without the hat. He is slightly overweight, wears sunglasses, has his hair cut short and carries a holstered gun. He says that he's here to teach me how to hunt.
>He pulls out his gun, shouts a nearby crocodile.He proceeds to skin it, before breaking its neck and removing the head. He then breaks open the skull and reaches for the brain. He extracts it and starts eating it. He says that "this is the finest part, nothing compares to the taste of fresh blood." I'm horrified.
>He puts his gun in my hands. "It's your turn to take out a prey". I wander further into the labyrinth. Suddenly I find myself in front of a giant creature. It was like a prehistoric elephant (platybelodon) but furry as a mammoth. It's charging me. I shoot him but it does nothing except aggravating its anger. I proceed to escalate one of the stone walls to escape. At the top, I realise that I can climb down the other side of the wall to exit the zoo and reach the street. The other side of the wall is a steep, concrete facade with few windows. A patch of broken glass stuck to the wall is hindering my progress. I pull out the broken shards one by one and decide to carefully store them in my mouth, like some kind of rodent.
>I end up making it to the pavement. I want to rush to get home, but I fear that if I run too fast, the glass shards might cut open my mouth.
>I finally make it to my grandma's apartment. I spit and vomit all the glass into a basket. There is no blood. I open up a cupboard and pull out a VHS. I play it. It's just a series of abstract images with some static, but I attribute to Chris Marker somehow. There's an envelope on the table. I open it : it contains a letter and a photograph. It's from a distant relative, "Simon", that I cannot clearly identify. In the letter, he recalls with nostalgia how great it was to watch VHSs at my grandma's place and complains about how quickly time passes. The photograph depicts an old man with grey hair and glasses (Simon?) watching the same Chris Marker video as I.


Is it true that you are impossible to read books in dreams?


the popular opinion is that it is not possible. however, i've been able to read text in dreams on multiple occasions, and have heard from others that they have as well.

some people speculate that, with the exception of big letters (ie, those on signs), it's possible to read the text, but that attempting to scrutinize the letters causes them to become slippery. i've never tried and can't speak on it.


Don't remember if I ever read a book in a dream, by the way I had a dream in which I have browsed lainchan (IRL it was the time when it was gone) and saw the words "ordem et progresso", in different languages so "order and progress" and "ordine e progresso" in a strange font.
Another night I dreamt about a strange internet-point-mini-market" that had "internet lain" written in neon letters on the storefront.
So I guess written words are well readable


In my experience, books and text can be read but not reread because the text is constantly shifting.
Also don't expect it to make sense.


Is this thread necessary now that we have /zzz/ back?


Yes as it appears on /zzz/


Last night when trying to sleep I many times in a row noticed that I started to see this fairly normal looking visual scenery while my eyes were closed. It started to become clearer and clearer and more realistic until suddenly at some point I would start to feel something strange and then my eyes would slowly start to forcibly open and the strange thing was that I wasn't seeing this scenery like at the same level as my actual vision was now starting to appear it was like perhaps a bit higher but also like tilted somewhat. But every time that my eyes started to open and my vision reappearing the scenery just kind of froze and then started to melt until it quickly disappeared completely.


This happened to me before as a child. I fell in love with a girl who appeared in my dreams two nights in a row. She had jet black straight hair and other characteristics that had such an impression on me to this day I find myself being attracted to, and pursuing women with these similar traits.

I still seek you in vain, my dream waifu...


keep doing this
mind your breath


Dreams are populated by what you believe to be possible. I read frequently in dreams.


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This is true for everything dream or rather mind related too, if you believe nightmares or even sleep paralyse to be fun, so they will, your beliefs power everything.


i've play like 10~16 dota matches yesterday and dreamed of me playing different matches


When I was younger and played minecraft like 8 hours a day I had audio hallucinations about skeletons and zombies, immediately before falling at sleep.
It was fun, I had to share it with you


I used to nap when I got home from middle school and I would hallucinate conversations with the people on the ventrilo server that I went on


that's nothing, i returned to dwarf fortress and started to dream in ASCII lately


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I'm drunk but i have been meaning to get this out there at some point so i figure why not now. I will try and sum it up for you.

>at home preparing for a christmas party with my relatives. Grandparents there, people making food like cheese dip and chips, everyone in puffy jackets, I didnt really want to go but i kind of had to go to this christmas party.

>everyone dresses warm, packs up, goes to the party venue. It is some richer person's house, outdoor venue, we are all standing/sitting aside this intricately designed frozen pool. There are lawn chair things side-tables to set soykaf on.
>Along with my parents and relatives there is this squirrel girl, she is pretty damn 2D and drinking some hot chocolate. Beanie on.
>Her husband/boyfriend is this duck guy. Not exactly like Howard The Duck but pretty close. The colors on both of them pop in conjunction with the rest of the scene, kind of like Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.
>Squirrel girl and Duckguy are arguing slightly, they are a definite couple but are arguing a lot during this party. Duckguy is clearly pretty drunk at this point.
>Duckguy apparently had too much to drink, throws up with a satisfying *QUAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKHHGFFFFFFFF*. It was like a quack throw up.
>Squirrel girl is embarrassed as all hell, she gets rosy cheeks and doesn't know what to do about the situation.
>Duckman is so fuarrrked that he squats down in the snow and starts to soykaf. He soykafs "Merry Christmas" in the snow. It was standing up high so that somebody laying on the ground could see it if they wanted to. Picture a 3d printed sign out of soykaf that is vertical and everyone can see it.

At this point i woke up in tears laughing. I laughed myself out of the dream. I always wonder what duckguy would do next if i were to have held myself together, but it was too funny not to laugh. The throwing up part was the best. OC.


Lately I keep dreaming about going crazy. I wouldn't say they're recurring dreams because each dream is different, but in each dream I grow gradually psychotic until I am no longer in control of myself, I start acting crazy, I'm yelling weird things and moving about wildly. It's terrifying because I'm fully aware while it is happening but I'm unable to control it. It always happens around other people too, sometimes they stare in confusion and sometimes they make fun of me. I had one recently where my parents made fun of me during an episode and I was so terrified I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.


File: 1493033684617.png (48.13 KB, 200x143, paranoid.jpg)

> living in some kind of isolated facility with 4 other people
> everybody is a little paranoid and wary of each other
> at some point one of those guys asks me to join them in a main room for some kind of event
> it feels like this guy has become completely 'selfless' and speaking like a robot in an old movies
> going with him while soykafting bricks (a lot of them)
> everyone is gathered around unknown guy, can't see his face from where I am
> notice that all people from facility are wearing the same robotic expression
> fuarrrk
> that eerie guy turns to look at me, he have no face. I can't focus on him nor can I see his expression
> my head hurts like hell and it feels like my pulse is over 200

And then I woke up.