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Hey /zzz/. I have problems with my dreams, or should I say, lack there of. I can't remember any of my dreams. I go to sleep and then I wake up, with no in-between. On the rare occasion I remember one, its never a nightmare, but it is very vivid. I have never experienced sleep paralysis either. I think dreams are an important part of life and I want to at lest remember experiencing them. Has anyone had issues like I'm having?


How well do you sleep? Do you awake feeling rested, do you have trouble falling/remaining asleep? For about how long do you generally sleep?


I sleep well but I do have moderate insomnia. If I go to bed at a reasonable time I wake up rested, but if I sleep ~4-5 hours my brain feels foggy. I don't have trouble falling asleep once I'm in bed. I usually listen to an audio book as I'm falling asleep. On a good day I sleep about 7 hours.