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In the past few weeks I've been having horrible nightmares, which have been progressing to night terrors. One in particular I walked in to my bathroom and looked in my mirror, in my reflection I saw myself hanging dead from the ceiling. I ended up screaming, when I woke myself up I was standing in my bathroom looking at the mirror (which has never happened to me before). I'm 19, is it normal for people my age to have night terrors or extreme nightmares? Does anyone else experience this?


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Lrn2breathe3deep, change brain state!


99% of nightmares are because of oxygen defficiency. Vent your room and, as said above, do some breathing exercises.


That's pretty dramatic. You got demonic activity in your house. I'm gonna say praying is the best bet to help yourself out. Seriously man, just pull out your Bible and pray. Feel free to personally email me if you need anymore help.


I've always considered dreams/nightmares to generally be the mind processing whatever happened during the day.

Significant worries (not just plain stress) tend to lead me to have nightmares in which the specific cause is present in some way (symbolism or even just plain obvious).
After a bit of introspection I almost always find a possible cause.

Maybe something for you to consider?


accept death as a natural event of life and you won't find hanging yourself bad


ah yes the highly rare nightmare, it must be demons.

callin u out on that statistic. i think ur lying.

anyways its kind of abnormal for someone who is 19 to still be having these sorts of nightmares but it happens. sleep walking is p strange too. You say its just the past few weeks though, maybe u caught something?