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How many of you recall memories of past dreams in your more recent ones? I do it pretty regularly. I never remember my real life memories in my dreams either, it's always my dream memories that come up. Even ones from a couple years ago manage to surface themselves when I'm snoozing.


I remember I once had a dream I was eating food from my fridge.
When I had a similar dream again, I remembered there was coconut cream pie in it, my fav. It tasted so good in the dream I felt like crying when I woke up and there were no leftovers.


For me this is extremely rare, if it happens at all. I have common dream themes, but the only time I have access to my memories of past dreams is when I'm lucid.


I do. It's strange, I seem to have "sets" or little worlds that my dreams seem to take place in night after night. Sometimes there are even recurring characters.

When there is a big change in my life, like I move or get a promotion or something, the set will change and I'll spend my time in another world for several dreams. I don't know why it's like this.


I do, sometimes, at least I think I do. It's pretty vague. It's like I'm dreaming a sequel to a previous dream but I'm not sure I actually dreamt the first dream. It's not like I clearly recall the first dream, it's more a deja vu feeling.


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I was gonna say something similar. I feel like I am recalling a previous dream within the dream and upon waking but after being awake for a few minutes and reflecting, I realize that this "memory" was just part of the dream I'm waking from. It isn't actually a real memory.


This happened just today. I noticed a toy store I'd visited in a previous dream. It was a very plain room, with a few shelves with toys on them. In the second dream, about half the shelves were missing, and the owner mentioned they had to close up the place.


Not quite the same, but rarely (though actually getting more frequent) I have a dream where I know that I'm dreaming, and I recall "memories" from when I have been awake. When I wake up I realise the memories never happened in real life. Thinking about it, maybe these are memories of past dreams.


i keep having dreams where i try to inject my self with heroin always to no avail