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So I've had lucid dreams. I'm completely aware I'm dreaming and I can move at will in the dream. The problem is that I can create or make anything special happen. I can't fly or make things appear or change the dreamscape.

What am I doing wrong?


You're a realist.


I'm guessing that's a bad thing for lucid dreaming? :/


Can you not do it, or do you wake up if you try?


I can't do it. Like in the dream I try to "imagine" I'm in a different place but nothing happens, If I try to fly I just fall down. In one dream I actually jumped of a balcony to see if I could fly but I just fell and woke up when I hit the floor.


Do not try to change the dream. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realise the truth. There is no dream.

The dream is your creation. Every moment of it was crafted by your subconscious. When you jumped from the balcony you did not fall because you failed to fly. You fell because your subconscious chose that you would fall.

You subconscious is defined by its lack. It is the part of your mind that is not conscious. The part of your mind that is outside of your direct control. For some this is less of a problem. They think "I want to fly" and their subconscious says "Yes, sir" but most find that they need to establish cues to help them communicate with their subconscious. The techniques used vary wildly from person to person. Some stretch out their arms to fly, others carry a smart phone featuring some blatantly magical apps. What cues you use should be a personal thing. Your subconscious is still a part of you and it will respond best to the things that you know.


Check this thread >>1804


I love the idea of the cues, I'll start practicing with these. :)