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I often fall asleep to ambient music and I'm looking to build an "ambient videos" collection, that is non-story-based non-frantic abstract videos that I can play while I'm falling asleep.

So far I have;
>various relaxing demo videos (realtime abstract 3D graphics) that I can share if desired (pic related)
>these weird japanese physics videos
>night driving


oh, and, without sound preferably so I can play ambient music overtop, but I understand if people want to share videos with dream inducing sound as well.


>night driving

That's comfy as fuarrrk.



It seems like a bad idea to fall asleep to videos of people driving. The mental associations you get from doing that mean you might find yourself falling asleep at the wheel sometime soon.


I find watching other people drive is a lot different than driving, but maybe that's just me.


My parents used to take me on night car rides when I wouldn't fall asleep as a toddler.

I find it extremely relaxing, specially if I'm on the back seat. But it's very different when I'm the one driving.


I guess I should share some to get some. How should I share 20GB of demoscene videos?
+ music visualizers incoming