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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had fuarrrked up sleep schedules for long periods at a time. The world is a strange place, even after being awake for only 24 hours. I have never stayed awake long enough to hallucinate (I think), but all my memories of times I've been awake upwards of 36 hours are very dreamlike. I'm sure there's a connection between sleep deprivation and actual dreaming sort of flowing over into reality.


Around 48 hours is when you start confusing shadows for people, have auditory hallucination, begin spacing out, loose your motor skills, etc. It's an experience.


Have a lot of time on my hands, might give this a try to see what it's like. Longest I've been up is ~26 hours.


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Sounds about right in my experience. When I was younger my friends and I would sometimes go without sleep for days as an experiment. You come up with some strange ideas after a few days. The oddest thing that I can recall was that I was drawing random doodles once. I can't draw, they were just simple line drawings. From my perspective I did little more than blink, but suddenly the nearly blank page was full. There was stuff drawn and written all over it that I had no recollection of doing. I must have gone unconscious and kept drawing somehow. And yes I was alone on this occasion.

pic related; it's what we were often listening to.


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Speaking of sleep deprivation, does anyone actually here fear brain damage? I do sometimes.

One study implies that there is a possibility that sleeplessness in extreme cases leads to your brain being unable to unfuck itself enough, thus causing damage in some form.
Can't be arsed to link it.

My average for staying up is roughly at 26h, and this at least once every week.
For me it's either that or being completely unable to accomplish soykaf that one day a week for some reason.

Speaking of which, one kick I get out of this is that my internal clock feels to run faster when hitting the 24h mark. It actually makes me feel really focused and full of energy, which is why I enjoy staying up long.


Let us know what happens, please. Hell, update while doing it, if you can.


I've made it too 72 hours once, and 48 a few times. Plenty of hallucinations, but they're the kinda mundane ones mostly. Except for once when I hallucinated that my logic professor was explaining and diagramming sex on the whiteboard. That was a trip.


The longest I've stayed up was somewhere around 4-5 days bingeing on stimulants. I was hallucinating hardcore, delirium style. I don't have any reason to lie about doing it, I don't remember much of it anyway. Somewhere towards the end I remember seeing a bunch of these giant exotic birds in my living room. I didn't die or anything, at least I don't think so..


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In what circumstances did you have to go through this?


Longest I've stayed up was 28 hours, so obviously no hallucinations

But I did feel like absolute soykaf by the end - I think this might have been out of dehydration
I had zero energy and my stomach was uneasy. I was sure I would puke

Then when I managed to relax and lay down, I had trouble falling asleep...mind you this was at like 10/11 PM

I have gone nocturnal for a few days, which was an interesting experience but unrelated


I was up for six days and some change without any sleep at all. In 2014 I checked myself in to a 30 day inpatient program to try to get off cocaine and opiates. I had a prescription for suboxone since 2008 and clonopin since 2007, and I never abused my prescriptions despite having abuse issues with other substances. Regardless, the facility took me off of everything.

They put me on a 21 day depakote taper to prevent seizures, and weaned the suboxone down over a period of 10 days. Around day 6 of being sober, I started losing cognitive function. The world seemed far away. That night when I tried to sleep, my brain just wouldn't shut off. It was as if I had two sets of eyelids and the imaginary set behind my real eyelids would stay wide open all night. My brain could not sleep. I trudged along going to the classes and participating in the activities, but my faculties kept getting worse and worse.

On the fourth day without sleep I began to have auditory hallucinations. I started twitching and had vivid visual hallucinations as well. On the 5th day I witnessed the four horseman of the apocalypse coming out of a group of clouds off in the sky. I complained to the nurses and staff that something was seriously wrong with me, but they did nothing for me. They are too jaded from having to deal with addicts all the time.

Halfway through the sixth day I was distraught. I felt angry that no one would believe me. I had constant full body convulsions and twitching. I had full blown psychosis with one foot still in reality. I was crying to the nurse practioner and out of the blue she checked me to see if I was lucid. (Asking if I know where I am, the date, etc). I gave her the answers and was relieved that someone believed me that I was suffering. I started convulsing heavily and she screamed for phenobarbital "stat". I remember three or four people helping me to a bed and I swallowed four pills. I remember laying in bed having violent twitches until the medicine kicked in. It started in my brain as an ice cold but comforting sensation, and propagated throughout my body. Some time later I fell asleep. When I woke up 16 hours later I was back in reality.

I understand that I was on the verge of a grand mal seizure from the benzo withdrawal, but the sleep deprivation made it so much worse. Almost a week I was up and it was a frightening experience.


This is genuinely frightening. I am too afraid of withdrawal like that to ever want to try harder drugs than marijuana.


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im currently at around 48 hrs, so nothing like >>1965 went through, but waking life is becoming surreal and scary.

I keep on coming back from places really questioning the authenticity of my memory.


Ive been nocturnal my entire life. So I have to stay up for long hours frequently, to "fix it" . is like kicking dead whales down the beach .


you ever heard of sleep apnea, lain?


Staying up for way too long freaks me out. Like, I get fuarrrking scared. It makes me realize that without the ability to sleep the average person would go balls-to-the-wall crazy in a matter of days.


When I'm really tired coming home on the bus from uni I start nodding in and out of sleep, and between falling asleep and waking myself up I hear these conversations in my head made up of bizarre made up language and words stuck together that make sense to me but don't actually mean anything (like word salad), unfortunately when I'm awake I forget everything that I heard.

I think they are called hypnagogic hallucinations:


Same. During much of my high school years, I would basically live 6 day weeks because I went to sleep later and later each day, and then had to do all nighters monday/tuesday because I knew I wouldn't be able to get to school otherwise.
It's better nowadays, but still happens every few months.


I have had terrible sleep insomnia for the last few months, which I take a 20 milligram dose of Zolpidrem to combat. If I don't take it, I don't sleep.

The longest I was awake was four days, I think. Might have been longer. My memory is patchy (almost feels like radio static when I try to recall things).

Day one I just felt a little more tired then usual. Day two I remember really stressing out about not being able to sleep. I took a huge dose of Sleep-Ez, which is just a antihistamine. I took twice the reccomended dose, and it did nothing at all. Day three I started hearing whispers when I was alone, so I spent as much time in public as possible. I'm lucky, where I live is busy enough for people to always be about.

Day four I collapsed in class. I woke up in my apartment with a pretty deep cut in my arm and very muddy shoes. At that point I went to see a physicatrist and I started taking a couple different sleep medications.

We started with melatonin, which put me in an uncomfortable cycle of falling asleep and waking up a couple minutes later, only to fall asleep again and repeat the cycle all night.

Antihistamines did nothing, so I tried sublinox. I got terrible nightmares while taking it, so I switched to Zolpidrem.

Zolpidrem works well. I have to take twice the reccomended dose - 10 mg just makes me groggy - but it works.

By far the scariest thing about Insomnia was Narcolepsy. You will fall asleep, at some point, but you won't control when it happens, and you can't control where and when you wake up.

Anyways. Any questions?


What would the voices say, if you can remember anything that was striking.


I had a psychonaut friend in HS who had to come up with a project for his biology class. He came up with the idea of logic skill deterioration in relation to sleep deprivation. We stayed awake for 9 days. 9x24 hrs. Then we both fell asleep watching something. He told me later that he woke up after a while and tried to wake me up, but I kicked him and made meaningless sounds. I have no recollection of this. I've slept for 14 hrs, and I was back to normal. No lasting effects. No damage. Just normal.

After the first day everything becomes dreamy and blurry in my memories, and I think sleep deprivation effects long term memory formation cause I remember little from those 9 days even though we tried to be constantly active.

We figured that sitting down while sleepy is a bad idea if you're trying to stay awake, so we were pretty much constantly active. We worked on the garden, went for walk in the city and took pictures at all hours, chatted with the policeman doing the morning shift, and many other stuff I can't remember now.



I could hear them, but could never make out any actual words.


Like a TV playing in the next room? and then if you try to listen intently it's not there anymore? I'm only guessing, based on personal experience.


Using https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redshift_%28software%29 and having daily physical activity helped me greatly with this problem.


i have done 20 hours under constant mental and physical stress, i started to hear voices so i went to sleep.


Like distant whispers is how I described it.


I stayed up for 3 days, devised a plan to meme all my enemies to death, took an IQ test, ended up in the hospital, now I'm institutionized with only one week to go.


Only time I've felt properly sleep deprived was when I was backpacking SEA. I would sleep, but only ever uncomfortable sleeps on buses at weird hours and never deep sleep. After a few weeks I began to mistake shadows for people, thinking someone in the corner of my eye was waving at me when they weren't and I begun to hear aural hallucinations. These hallucinations were either someone calling my name over and over - or they sounded like the beginning of a dream bleeding into reality. These one's had very little to do with what was actually happening to me IRL, but could occur anywhere even just walking down the street.

Interestingly, by the time I got to China my mind began to interpret the Mandarin I was hearing into quasi-English. My brain would think it was hearing recgonisable English words, but the moment I focused on the conversation it was of course unintelligble to me. It was an interesting time.


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I've frequently heard that continuous lack of sleep for an extended period of time has a similar effect to LSD. Unconfirmed because a) that's not the kind of sleep deprivation I get and b) I've never tripped on acid so I wouldn't be able to tell you anyways.

I'm chronically deprived of sleep because the quality is either fuarrrked from regular (but not recurring) nightmares, or I'm plain terrified to fall asleep because of the nightmares I get. When I do sleep, I usually get about four hours during the night, and maybe an extra one or two during the day if the previous night was really bad. I generally don't have a big problem functioning during the day except maybe the occasional mood swings, but I have permanent dark circles under my eyes - I've never slept well enough in the long term to find out if they'll go away. Honestly I don't mind the lack of sleep or the physical effects terribly, this has been going on for a while. The nightmares are the worst, even though I can't remember them very well. The ones I do remember are pretty absurd and you might laugh if I told you, but they all have a very strong undercurrent of terror or grief or some similar sensation. Mostly those feelings don't last into the day but the fuarrrking awful nightmares will cause me to wake up shaking, crying, or both, and I'll spend at least the following day trying very hard not to be anxious.

The most I've been awake for is two full days but I don't remember much of the experience and I don't think I can replicate it because I end up practically passing out whenever I get too tired to function normally. It hasn't been enough of a problem to justify going on prescription medication or anything like that, and otc sleep aids just make me sleep more and still have nightmares. I used to have a prescription for oxycodone, which is a pretty heavy post-surgery sedative/painkiller but I ended up developing a dependency on it by the time I was due to renew my prescription, so I decided against continuing use. Like I say, I'm pretty high-functioning for how poor my sleep quality is, you wouldn't know it by looking at me except to see the circles under my eyes - friends that don't know seem to take it as a matter of course - and the mood swings aren't too apparent or frequent enough for strangers to notice.

Pic unrelated, I like rainy cityscapes.


Manic episodes tend to have the unruly effect of making you stay up for way too long. I get in that mode every once in a blue moon. I think my longest streak was around 28-29 hours. I heard voices and when I went to sleep I saw things out of the corners of my eyes that I thought were spiders. I don't recommend it.