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Paralysis, lains.

Everytime i wake myself up when lucid dreaming, i stay stagnant until i can recover control over my body and finally wake up.

My mind is conscious, but my body isnt and it takes a couple of seconds to wake up in a very numbing process.

Any tips? Sometimes its irritating.


This is very normal. Your bodies mechanism to prevent you from actually acting out your dreams is still in effect. Really there isn't much you can do about this. You're going to need that mechanism and it is going to take a little time before it switches off when you wake up. I think the best you could do is maybe practice to try and reduce how long it takes but I can't imagine you'll get that far. It's only a few seconds of discomfort, I'd just live with it.


best thing to do is to close your eyes. Always helps me


I've noticed when i have sleep paralysis I can try to get up, but I'll quickly realized that I've only *imagined* trying to get up. Sort of like a eaking dream. I'll find myself laying upright in bed a second later like nothing happened. I've found though that if I ignore this sensation I can actually fight the paralysis by continually trying to get up. I'll experience the same reset multiple times, but if I try to sit up or roll onto my side without stopping and restarting each time, I do quickly manage to get up.

Not sure if this helps, it just came to mind.


If you can inhale deeply and quickly, and do the same for exhaling, that should help you regain control


A couple times I had this episodes of paralysis where I'd be half-awake and see my room with a "layer of dream" on top of it, once it was a monster, other time it was a burglar.
One of those masks for sleeping would've helped, disallowing me to see the room. Would that help in your case?


This has only happened to me once after a powerful where I wasn't sure if I was dreaming (this basically never happens)
Scary stuff..

What I did was close my eyes and try moving my tongue
Once that worked, I could move the rest of my body again
Then I layed in bed for a bit, rattled as hell at all that happened. It was a crazy dream, the story actually had fluid transitions


I've experienced this too. I could've sworn I was awake but a completely dark figure was lurking past the foot of my bed. At the time I wasn't aware of it being a known occurrence. Do you know how common this event is?


Yeah, it can happen if you're stressed, as a side effect of some meds or if you try some lucid dreaming techniques, it's called sleep paralysis.
There's this documentary if you like Discovery Channel-like stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nightmare_%282015_film%29
What I find weird is how some apparitions are more common than others, I think the dark figure that looks like a 3d shadow is the most common one.