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How's that dream journal coming along, /zzz/?

Just started mine the other day, so far it's been nightmares.


I've only had one dream that I've recorded this year...

Been keeping a journal since August 2013. So far, I've noticed that the beginning of years is always slow for me dream-wise
Then I get random bursts where I remember several days in a row, or droughts of a month (or 2) with no dream


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I only have 2 entries for this year. If I had time to write them I'd probably have one from every other day. I just can't get myself to do it during weekdays unless it's some next level soykaf. Don't have the time simply. I started keeping a dream journal last year but so far there's only 42 entries. But most of them include over 3 dreams and extras from other days I was too lazy to type down so yeh.

Have you been able to recall more dreams/details on average as you've racked up entries?


I write all my dreams in my e-diary on my phone and then I post them all on the /r/ thread.
Since the e-diary is also filled with me posting about dumb shit, it's easier for me to look at my old dreams here rather than on my e-diary.
Usually because I post ":D" everyday and I have to sift through pointless ":D"s until I get to my dreams.


Different lainon, but definitely the more consistently and more detail I write in my dream journal my recall goes up. I started a new journal a few months ago and so far have around 30 entries. Some of them being just a word or two and others ranging a couple pages. It's hard to tell, but my recall seems to go up decently quickly once I start again.


I guess this is a good thread to ask this, since I feel like my question isn't worthy of its own thread.

I started going on this board a little while ago out of curiosity, and decided to start keeping a dream journal. However, so far I have written nothing in it because all the dreams I've been having recently were of the so-called "channel surfing" variety. Should I write those down too? And what should I write them down as?


Been phasing in and out of keeping a dream journal for many years. Wrote my first entry in weeks just a couple days ago. Hopefully it'll start a trend this time.
If you want better recollection, write down anything and everything, even if it's totally mundane or too fuzzy to be of interest. Just the act of writing it down will help you remember more and more as time goes on.


my log so far

I dreamed I lived down the street from RIchard Stallman and his fat, old wife. They were preparing to watch some big event on television.

Later I was playing a game. I rolled dice and tried to avoid rolling certain symbols. There were dots and at least one other symbol. The dice was nevertheless six-sided. I always rolled dots (the winning symbol), and each time I won I had to roll another di. This kept happening and I was rolling 6-7 dice at a time.


I have nearly 100 audio recordings. I haven't had any dreams I wish to record lately. I usually only record dreams that are interesting or vivid enough that I remember quite a lot of details.


Currently my dreams.txt is roughly 450kB large. My oldest dream there is from January 2009. In the beginning I didn't watch out for spelling mistakes, grammar, capitalization and so on, I just wrote as it came to me, with smileys and many ellipses. Also I often wrote my dreams in private chats instead of writing them directly into a text file noone will ever read. That can be a motivation in the beginning, too, if you have a good friend who doesn't mind reading some mindfuark dreams.
Lately I try to write more readable, though, almost like in a book. Maybe that is why the last 200kB, almost half the size, were written only in the last out of the seven years.
A rough guess based on the empty lines, which often serve as a separator between dreams, gives 260 dreams. So on average I write down a dream every 10 days. And my average dream counts 2kB.
Writing down my latest dream took me 45 minutes. This is why I'm not always in the mood to do it. But reading some of my older dreams is very nostalgic and well worth the time.