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I had the most incredible dream ever, I was in some sort of white walled facilities hallways. And behind every door was a person who's faces I couldn't remember, and when I held their hands, all of my fears and past screw ups were gone. I was able to live a million beautiful lives at once. I cried hysterically in my dream.

When I woke up, I just crawled into my blankets in the cold and cried for hours
Why is everything in my dreams so wonderful and great yet everything else is literally a nonstop dystopia? I want off this ride


We create our realities lainon. That facility and the faceless people within it are no less real than the cold you felt when you awoke. All of it is just the creation of your mind. Be quiet, put aside your worries and your fears. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and just listen. That peace that you found within your mind is waiting for you still. Be quiet and listen. One of those million beautiful lives that you led was your own. Be quiet and listen. Lain has something that she'd like to tell you.


thanks, that means a lot to me


Some weeks ago, I dreamt about dying. As I was lying on my bed - the same one I was having this dream in - my visual field gradually became pixelized and I realized the life wasn't anything but a simulation. Suddenly, I felt really warm and wasn't afraid of dying anymore. Far from it, I actually welcomed death, as I was eager to know what lay beyond sensible experience.
It looks like my dream self was sure he would have been able to exist outside that simulation and viewed his body as a trap to his real self, in the same way as gnostic theology.
Even though I'm an atheist, that was the best dream I've ever had.


I know its stupid and corny, but the sweet release of death wouldn't feel any sweeter at this point


remember that dream. that dream is the future you're fighting for. even if you aren't an activist or a political dissident or just trying to improve things in your community, it's still what you're fighting for. Every day of our lives is an uphill struggle against forces working to keep us down and empty and useless to ourselves, and it's always been tearing us down like gravity or a downpour that we forget about. But see the thing about gravity is it's always there whether we remember it or not.

A few days ago someone very important told me that existence is a kind of resistance. That simply living your life and making it for another day is an act of defiance against the machinery of oppression that tries to control you and your world.

because there's something else that's true. that person in the dream, who is free of their fears and past screw ups, who you might not ever feel like except when you're sleeping or meditating or having sex or whatever gets you in your happy place - that person is always there too, and that person is still you. All of those millions of beautiful lives are you even if you can't remember them and you think you're somehow a fuarrrkup or tainted and there's something you'll never get back - you still have that and it's just as real as anything else in your life.

that's just how I felt about it. I hope it helped