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Can dreams be hacked?

Can memes manipulate dreams, directly or indirectly?

I don't think we have the ability to see what OTHERS are dreaming, but could we manipulate dreams through waking suggestion perhaps?


anything is possible with meme magic


On the one hand yeah sure, on the other hand good luck. While it's clear that dreams can be influenced, for instance if I were to traumatise the soykaf out of you I might very well give you nightmares but actually controlling the results with any sort of accuracy would be difficult to the stage of being impossible.

If you really wanted to do it the only feasible way would be to let people know what you're doing as part of the process and let their expectations do the work and even then I imagine your success rates would start low and get worse the more out of the ordinary the dreams you intended to induce.


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Another thing is that it's likely people have varying susceptibility to things like this, which makes it even harder to control.

Though, if psychology advances in understanding the brain to such a point, this could be feasible.


To get a little /cyb/, is there any way technology can affect dreams?


Sometimes sound from say a left on TV leaks into REM sleep. Something like a telescreen from 1984 maybe would influence dreams considerably. I'm not sure though.


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>Can Hong Kong be hacked?
>Can bananas manipulate Hong Kong, directly or indirectly?
>I don't think we have the ability to see what the people of Hong Kong are dreaming, but could bananas manipulate Hong Kong's dreams through fruity suggestion perhaps?


Once I was dreaming that some people were hanging out in a park or like town square and this young woman was singing I Will Survive and doing this little groove/dance thing where she sat on the curb. I woke up on a couch and my friends were all watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert.