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This feels as about a lainchan-focused topic as there could be.

Does anyone else have technology as a recurring theme in their dreams? I can't say how long I've had it or how often (I don't keep a journal), but some of the most memorable dreams I've had through my life have been mostly about technology. Usually these dreams are very tense, and the technology generally works against me.

The earliest I remember, maybe 10 or 11 years ago, had me playing Pokemon Leaf Green on my Gameboy Advanced SP (something I spent quite a lot of time doing in my childhood). In it, I could change the functions of the game by switching the system off, whereupon it would continue to play, but would allow me to clip through walls and such. However, the more I played this way, the more corrupt the graphics would become, and eventually I was unable to restore the game to its normal conditions. Sounds like a bad creepypasta, but that's what I remember.

More recently, probably recurring, I've had dreams of accidentally (or sometimes purposefully) downloading malware onto my desktop, and then frantically trying to delete the malware before it damaged my files or system. Felt much like a hollywood hacker, with an incredible sense of urgency, but also great anxiety.

Most recently, last night in fact, was another odd dream that made me realize the trend. A girl that I'd entered into a sort of online relationship recently was revealed to me to be some sort of internet vigilante, and not who I thought she was, who then revealed the nature of our relationship on widespread social media. I distinctly remember my cell phone vibrating uncontrollably as notifications overwhelmed it. Very odd, considering that in reality there is nothing illegal or unsavoury about this relationship....

What are your lainons' experiences with technology-focused dreams? Is the wired bleeding into your subconscious?


oh geeze man I feel you
the very first technology related dream I can remember also had to do with pokemon. I was playing pokemon crystal version and my character was standing on a bridge with ships going under it. The character walked off the bridge into the water and disappeared. shortly after professor oak walks onto the screen and starts talking about how he couldn't make it.

another dream I had during my period of sexual awakening was I was on a strange planet with a girl around my age. there was a major disaster that just happened and we were helping refugees. I can remember the experience filled with panic and confusion among the people we were helping. I'm not sure if she told me we'd meet again sometime but I know she left.

whenever I'm in dreams with things I ordinarily do with technology it's like all the extra stuff like the sensation of typing on a keyboard and other things you do unconsciously are completely gone and it's just like a raw experience of my thoughts and their communication. it's all very strange and my recollection of them also comes as a series of mixed metaphors (for instance logging onto my computer is at once the experience of walking into a crowded room or taking a seat at a table).


I often awaken from a light sleep with the memory of having played a simple 8-bit video game of some kind. This is odd because I almost never play video games anymore but I suppose growing up with Atari burned a permanent impression into my subconscious.

The only other dreams I have about computers involve them malfunctioning on me. I get the malware thing as well, and on several occasions I've been using a computer in public and dozens of porn pop-ups begin cluttering my screen like it was 1999 again. I don't need to psychoanalyze this too deeply; the fear that someone will see all this mess on my screen is the major theme here. I also get dreams where my phone or some other device is simply broken. In fact it's a rare dream where they are not broken; the video game dreams don't involve a device per se. The game IS the dream and is not carried by a screen.


I don't dream of technology very often. Barely at all.
There were times where I've dreamt of being online, chatting with people or browsing my favourite sites. This takes up a first-person view, like it's only the screen.
I've never dreamt of handling technology in a physical, worldly setting.


The fact that you mention the lack of an "interface" is interesting to me, as my dreams are highly focused on the disconnect between myself and the technology at hand.


I just about woke up now from having a dream which involved programming on my laptop.

I could swear that I cannot recall what the interface was like.
Every other detail I could recall on the spot, but when remembering the screen I literally draw a blank.

Associating my laptop with programming, without actually seeing the interface, does fall into place with the description of "thoughts" flowing I recon.

I mean damn, later in the dream, after I kicked out some rainforest tribal kids out of my room, the fire alarm shortly after went off. Everyone in the buiding barely escaped through a locked door which should have a funtional keypad, but instead was opened with an organ located next to it, like some RE1 soykaf . Couldn't even dream up a simple working interface with a few numbered buttons for saving my life.


I never dream about technology unless it's those mudane dreams where I wake up, play some video games in the morning, then go to bed again in which I know they were dreams because the dream never correlate with my stats. Sometimes I'm actually in the game but not often. The most technology in my dreams are like guns, working strap on wings, fountains, stuff like that.


Just this morning I had what felt like a semi-awake dream sort of on this theme. I was laying in bed, it was day (not early morning like it really was), and one of my roommates was standing, talking to me, about computers.

He asked some pretty general questions about 'why do you use linux' and 'do you think it is better than Windows', and I was answering him and then I looked and he was gone and the room was empty and I realized that it was a dream and (still within the dream) went back to sleep.