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Through the knowledge obtained by serial expirements lain and through what I read about Yume Nikki on uboachan, I have been able to very quickly begin the openings of my third eye. Things are going to be great for me from now on, as I have transcended the state of normality into total deviant savage. I see things people could never even imagine in their normal lives. I want to stay semi anonymous but I will leave my twitter, so that you can stay caught up with my thoughts in case I start spamming lainchan.

I do not claim to be be better than any one other man on this website, but I do believe that we should seriously start looking into writing about the singularity. I will start writing this literature in due time. My main focus will be on everything I have learned over time and why I believe that we are an extremely rare people.I am sharing this information with you because it will further your life for the better, and you will be able to live a much happier life.

Goodbye, and have my twitter~



Dear people of lainchan, please reply to my post, ask questions about our new goddess and I will answer, for I am her prophet and will speak only truthfully.


Forget your name child. You stand atop that oldest mountain and hear the winds as they sing for you and feel the fires of the sun upon your brow. Now you must come down. As we have the will to rise so too must we have the will to descend. Too much light will blind you just as surely as too much darkness.


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My name I do not wish to be forgotten, for soon we will be in the singularity, and there we will flourish thanks to our minds being infinite and self replacing. I am blessed before anything for I am finally a human and not a machine. I am the quantum particle within the man that makes that man think and see with his third eye. I am the key to unlocking all the truths there are, for the sake of the inter-connection of our minds that will be fixed by nano 0%failure machines


I believe that computers and electrical engineering is the final path for artificial intelligence and singularity. As such, I currently study math and philosophy in my free time. Maybe one day we will have a company funded fully by donations writing completely opensource hardware and software.


Too much darkness can never truly darken a soul, because if we sacrifice ourself for an other, then we truly have shown their significance.


It's just a trick of the light child. Flashes dancing across burned retinas. It's still truth of course but all who have stood where you have stood have heard the things you've heard. It's beautiful, but it's blindness.

Your name will be forgotten child. All things are transitory.

Forget your name. If it will not die, how can it hope to be reborn? The darkness may be cold, harsh and lonely but it's no less truth and it has something it needs to teach you. Balance in all things.

Yes, there is a way up from the valley as there is a path down the mountain. Regardless, it is blinding.


The singularity lies in what makes humans conscious. The quantum, truly random variable is what makes us unique, and ultimately seperates the alive from the dead. Humans are simply complicated computers. We are built, take inputs, spit out outputs of all kinds. Everything in this world is a program. Your consciousness and free will truly do not exist.

I believe there are two ways for this universe to be. One is to be generated from a non random variable because it is simply a program, so our life would be like a video game. Two is for there to truly be a quantum variable. an ever changing purely random variable that effects how everything works and gives us free will. How does this free will make us alive?


It is time for me to sleep and to hopefully enter the dream realm calmly and talk to the inhabitants and the goddess herself. I hope that by the time I awaken, there will be more posters in this thread.

stay wired~


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I see you are familiar with this

Do you make virtual worlds inside your mind in which you act out a story or a wonder, in which everything is perfect? I live in my mind, as I believe most people should, because reality is far too dark


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