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How many people here don't remember their dreams? It's not like I never dream, but only very rarely do I wake up able to remember one. I can't remember the last time I remember dreaming.


Very, very, very rarely.
When i was in school, all of my dream were me doing my routine. Walking to school, doing chores, etc..

Now whenever i dream it's related to something that makes me feel either fear or sadness. It's not uncommon for me to wake up closing all windows and checking all doors, however i never remember the dreams, i just wake up with an intense feeling of fear/paranoia.

But yes, i'm in the same place as you are. Even if the contents of my dreams changed throughout the years, the frequency is still the same, maybe i dream even less nowadays.


I normally never have dreams. I just fall asleep and wake up with nothing in between.

The only time I remember my dreams is the really fuarrrked up vivid nightmares I always get whenever I'm really stressed out.


I rarely dream but when I do I can usually remember the ones I have, but the memories vanish in about 5 minutes after I wake up. I also have the constant feeling when I am in a dream that it's fake and I'm really dreaming.


I usually only remember them if I take care to not move once I wake up. Then I try to make it come back to me. Thinking "what did I dream?" doesn't help in my experience, I try remembering what I feel. Most of the time I do this I can remember my dreams again. Give it a try, maybe it'll work for some of you.


I used to never remember my dreams at all, until I started keeping a dream journal at the recommendation of my friend. At first I just had to write down how I felt when I woke up because I didn't have any other details, but after a while I just started waking up with memories. Don't exactly understand how the journal effected a change, but it's nice. I dream a lot now.


Would love to dream as much as you lainon
My story goes like this:
When I was a kid I used to remember my dreams like everyday. It was fantastic. Then I started to grow up and most of my dreams have become about having sex with girls I knew. Then I fell into porn and going late to sleep trap. Olso using alarms early in the morning ruins it all. I feel like I am losing part of myself without creative dreams I used to have as a kid ;/
So... "just" starting dream jurnal and maybe normalizing my sleeping hours should help?



Luckly for me i dont.
If i do then i havent slept well and usually its just the brain soykafting itself.

Though every once a while i have a cool dream, but very rarely.


A dream journal will probably help without normalizing


I think when I wake up after a nap, 50% of the time I remember a dream.


I've been having dreams very regularly lately. it's actually slightly inconvenient because my dreams are so ordinary they I always confuse them for reality.



Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) + alcohol can help with that. It makes me dream at least. Yeah, yeah, sleeping pills and alcohol sounds dangerous but it really isn't, diphenhydramine's LD50 is huge.

Horrible for your liver in the long term if you make a habit of it. Probably.


fun fact, carrying over my teenage days on 420chan forever the fuarrrk ago:

dph is a powerful deliriant in high doses - ie 300mgs plus. And by deliriant, i mean, having conversations with people and things that aren't there, legitimate hallucinations, rip legs. I used to take it when I was curious about seeing if I could replicate symptoms of schizophrenia.

afaik, you dream every night, even if you're not conscious of those dreams upon waking. i'd suggest looking into a more conscious approach to dreaming, ie, attempting to invoke lucid dreaming while simultaneously keeping a dream journal. (that last suggestion is powerful stuff; it really works.)


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It definitely has recreational potential. Same with other types of sleeping pills, if you take them and then fight off sleep strange things may happen.