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For last few days I have been having really violent dreams where I punch the living hell out of some bastard, bash them with a bat, machine gun their guts or just stab them up until their blood colors everything.
In those dreams I enjoy their pain.
Can someone explain those dreams?
My environment hasn't really changed, I don't hate anyone IRL….so what gives?


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Hey OP, something similar has been happening to me, but the dreams have been of a less violent nature than yours.

I used to never dream, but around a week or two ago I started having very vivid, very realistic dreams every single night, with some of them seeming to last hours or even days. I wake up every morning now and it feels like what I went through wasn't a dream but in fact reality- sometimes I have difficulty remembering what happened the day before due to the length of the dream, and other times I have trouble telling between what I dreamt and what I experienced in real life. Some of the dreams later manifest themselves in real life- in one of them, I woke up, got dressed, and began talking to my family over breakfast. I proceeded to wake up for real and have the same conversation that I had in my dream unfold before me.

The reason they are similar to yours is that occasionally they also take on a highly violent nature. I've also been feeling more aggressive in real life, itching for a fight so to speak.

Also interested in what's changed, seeing as I've been mostly passive my whole life, dreamed rarely (and they were always strange, abstract dreams that were highly predictable) and my routine has not changed at all in the last few days.

Maybe someone can come in and shed some light on this? Also OP, describe what kind of life you live, daily routines etc. Do you play any sports? Do any drugs? Maybe we've got something in similar.


I also since maybe 3 months started to have dreams in which I kill.
In the first dream I killed a dog, it was so very realistic, I actually felt like I gained this as "experience".

After that I had several dreams from time to time where I kill other people, preferable by shooting. In my last dream I shot someone in the shoulder while standing on some tracks in a forest. I felt really bad about not having killed him instantly and making him suffer, so I hastily tried to shoot him into the head, but I only hit his right cheek. After that I finally land a perfect head shot. But he rises up again with blue glowing eyes.

I think this is the first dreams where the person doesn't stay dead.

The dreams are kinda fun, because well they are just dreams and at least not boring. But I begin to find it disturbing, because normally I am a rather peaceful person.

Maybe it's just stress…


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>killed a dog
something similar-ish happened to me in a dream several months to a year ago. I don't remember when exactly it was, but the dream was so abnormal for my standards it stuck with me.
In the dream, I was in my driveway holding some kind of wolflike dog on a leash. I don't own any kind of dog. My best friend who lives across the street brought a dog with him across the street to meet me. He has two dogs IRL, but this dog wasn't either of them. It looked a lot friendlier than the one on my leash.
We were about to start talking when my dog got insanely aggressive, and actually bit one of the hind legs off my friend's dog and started eating the leg. His dog fell over, bleeding, and my friend was upset. I was a little shocked, but I couldn't really do anything.

It was so fuarrrking strange. I don't hold any ill will against my friend, we haven't fought since we were kids, and I'm a pretty easygoing person. Maybe it's the same principle as invasive thoughts (looking at a bridge and realizing you could easily jump even though you have no desire to, looking at ordinary objects and realizing you could sneak-attack people and they wouldn't see it coming) except your dreaming mind acts it out to completion. It might even be a leftover survival instinct, since a primitive human who could hurt or kill in unexpected ways would maybe survive better? idek


Not a dream, but it's weird. I'm in a car and I think, hmm, I could just open the door and jump out. I see a random person and for some reason I think, hmm, I could easily mug and kill them. I have drugs and think, hmm, I could easily kill myself right now. I could jump in from of that car. I'm a very peaceful person, I'm not suicidal, I despise violence, but for some reason my mind thinks these things. It's odd.


don't worry too much as long as you've got proper impulse control. It's well documented and happens to tons and tons of people, but it's not usually the subject of conversation since it's easy for people to twist it into something like "OMG anon told me he thought about killing you with a rolling pin when he was in the kitchen!!1"

further reading ;D


To me it sounds as if this is how you vent all violent thoughts. Or a manifestation of the hatred that doesn't exist, but should. Supposedly hatred is a healthy emotion to some degree, and by not exhibiting it, you are denying it of yourself. This might be unhealthy, so you manifest emotions of hatred as to vent.


Last night I dreamed of a group of people in orange overalls, that started machine gun fire at me and my friends for no particular reason.

I often get shot or stabbed in dreams.

When I hurt other people, its mostly with their own dropped weapons or with my bare fists.

One time I popped out the eyes of a guy with my thumbs and pressed his face into mud, so his bleeding eye holes got filled with dirt. After that a nuclear explosion blasted everything away.

Disturbing soykaf, that is.


What was the location of the fight?


A trench next to a bunker surrounded by muddy hills.


It means you're really angry


What are you eating in the evenings? Certain foods give certain people bad dreams, citrus for example. If you have a snack at night maybe keep it simple, a little toast or something. Or just skip it.


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Maybe you are destined to be a hero, OP.


Me too OP, In these days I've dreamed with fights, slaughters and murderers, and I'm the killer or I'm involucred in all that soykaf.


Are you a mouth breather? I've come to find that the times I've had rough dreams were times I was having poor quality of breath during sleep, often waking up snorting/choking/gasping.