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I had this dream, woke up from it not an hour ago...
I'm in front of the hospital, the local one in my city but, its distorted half of it is decayed like post-apocalypse... I need to get to the 12th floor to visit someone in the hospital. the place looks abandoned, no one around
(in real life there is no 12th floor)

I get into the elevator the floors jump 1-2-3-65-66... The ground beneath me shakes,
I find myself on the ground floor again...
Someone wakes me up. I know I am conscious for a few 5mins... I drift back to sleep..
In this massive parking garage, I know its the hospital again. I walk around to the same place I entered...There are humans walking like zombies, a few of them nod and smile at me like they know me but, I can faintly remember. I try the stairs but, look down and see that my shoes have been knocked off... I wake up, frustrated that I never got to the 12th floor.


I enjoyed reading this.


what happened when you were 12?