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does anyone have daydreams?


I am constantly day dreaming if I'm not focusing on anything that needs particular attention. I even have an imaginary friend and I'm not even kidding. This isn't that tulpa stuff from the internet either, just a daydream person who goes with me everywhere. When I'm online, my "friend" is sitting in another corner quietly doing the same.

Kill me now.


Yeah, I daydream about finishing my current projects.

My daydream pal is my future me.
Thinking about what I would think in the future if I thought back to what's the present now makes me take better decisions, keeps me from procastinating and encourages me to work towards a good future self.
The weirdest (or less weird) part is that what I imagine is actually true, in the future I WILL think back to what I'm doing now.


That is a much better idea than mine, I'll have to think about this. The thing about an imaginary friend is that they can't tell you anything you don't already know but they can remind you of things you should be thinking of already in a given situation.

(Also they can't run ahead and look around a corner before you get there and they can't watch the back while you watch the front. They don't help with the housework either).