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why is nobody I know in waking life ever in my dreams?


usually the people i see in my dreams are people from the past, that i haven't thought about in years.


I had a dream last night about my childhood friend and a younger version of my dog. I have been dreaming often lately I wonder why.



Had a similar experience. My dog passed away a couple of months ago; last week I had a dream where I was inside my house and I come across a breathing shadow in one of our older rooms. I was so startled at first that I lashed out, but as soon as I realised the creature was a puppy I was so relieved and happy, happy too that I didn't hurt the poor thing!

It's an odd feeling when you're overwhelmingly happy inside a dream, that feeling I got when I bent down and gave the dog a pet. It follows you into the waking hours, that feeling, and so shapes your day.

Is your dog getting old? Make sure to show him/her some love today


i don't really see people from the past, only people who i've lately seen frequently or somehow are important


I have a couple of dreams where I see my friends, sometimes I see family too. Maybe because I tend to avoid family in waking life, therefore they don't show up. Dreams where they show aren't too nice.


That can't be right. It's been proven that the only people who you see in your dreams are people from the real world. Although most of them are probably just strangers you looked at passing by on the streets or something there's bound to be at least 2 or 3 recognisable faces somewhere in there.


Probably because nobody you know in waking life holds enough significance to your thoughts.

If the theory of dreaming being your mind cataloging important events is true, your brain just isn't cataloging people as important.

Figures from waking life only very occasionally appear in my dreams, and tying into my indifference of others in this way I also struggle to remember names or people and routinely catch myself doing things or saying things without much consideration for other's feelings.

I dislike this about me.


I sometimes find myself sexing people I haven't seen in at least 5 years


Everyone you see in your dreams you've seen in your life before.
Only if you've only seen them once.
Your mind bends and morphs images you've seen before, thus forming dreams.
Think about how you never actually see yourself die in dreams.
That's because you've never actually died yourself, so your mind can't create that image.
It can set it up like you're going to, but you wake up before.
I've always found this so fascinating.


exactly this. to dream something, you need to live it first, or at least "live" its elements by themselves.
you cant dream about an anime series that doesnt exist, but you can morph several anime characters, assign them a symbol, and represent them in a setting (you actually can process, no matter how fictional).
you cant dream a new colour, but you can dream you fuck a stranger in a language you dont know


>you cant dream about an anime series that doesnt exist
actually, you can


since it doesnt exist, technically you cant. i think anon's analogy is farfetched tho, and is better explained with its other examples.
you can dream an anime show that you have never seen, as you can dream a music you never heard. but you cant dream the sound of 30,000Hz (normal human hearing range: 20Hz to 20,000Hz)


>you cant dream the sound of 30,000Hz
yes you can


C'mon, man... how can you pretend that any study could say that so irrefutably? Mine as well say it's proven absolutely nothing original is capable in dreams. 'Things' in a dream are made up of various properties of what you believe 'things' should have... sans the help of the frontal lobe to nitpick how obviously wrong what you're looking at is.