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I want to have a thread where we discuss the things about dreams that are difficult to discuss, at least for me they are.

What I mean is individual elements that are reoccurring or not and make sense in the dream at the time but when you wake up and recall them you have no idea how that would work and it seems difficult to explain. I wanna know if anyone has these things as part of their dreams like I do.

Here are a few examples that come to mind right now

>dreams where I'm playing a game like an FPS/RTS but at the same time experiencing it fully with no indication I'm on my computer

I often have dreams about videogames, that are way better than any I have ever played but I never visually see the control inputs or feel them, its just like I'm acting them out, but I still understand that I'm playing a game.

It's even weirder when I have RTS dreams, like I'm controlling all these units, the camera and view like I would a normal RTS dream but without the mouse, without the keyboard, its pretty cool.

I even have this while playing in third person, I can get into a vehicle and the view will switch to third person and I can control it just as effortlessly as I do in vidya because I prefer to drive and fly in third person view always, and even when I have third person dreams in videogames I can move just like normal life without any "input" onto the keyboard or mouse, without it feeling any less real. Although I only dream in third person sometimes when its videogame dreams, never otherwise.

>knowing things in a dream without it outright being stated

Like you are doing something, and you go someplace you are not supposed to be but suddenly remember the person allowed you to be there.

Or knowing that a dream is actually a videogame even if theres nothing to indicate it - one WWII dream I had it was like real life and real people but I knew they were all just players on a server and they knew that too and we fuarrrked around like we would in a game of Battlefield.

While another WWII dream I was part of a squad and walking through a forest, escorting enemy prisoners and we get ambushed by snipers across the frozen lake and they start killing their own POWs too and I remember running into the treeline after helping an enemy POW get out of the ice he was stuck in because he was being shot at and I tried to hide behind trees while pieces of bark were breaking off around me and I was fiddling with my K98 to try and take pot shots at the enemy we couldn't see at the ridge ahead, and all the while I had no intuitive sense that I was playing a realistic videogame this was real fear and terror and moving my body in realistic ways, and I still do that in those videogame dreams but the sensation and realizations are different.

And then sometimes I have dreams like that but there is only a "back of the mind" sensation that it is not real and just a videogame, and the guys that I just saw crushed by their own tank as it blew up from a mine will respawn at base after a while and be good as new, but that thought never sort of breaks to the surface in a surefire realization that its just a videogame (or much rarer that its just a dream).

Meaning I can have realizations that I'm just playing a game even if it feels real, but rarely do I realize I'm just dreaming I'm playing a game and become lucid that way.

>dream locations turning out to be just your living room or one part of your room is another location, or locations that are closer to each other than they are in real life

These are really trippy when I can remember them, I could be in some totally different place like a forest or abandoned house and suddenly turn around and theres my living room and the areas are connected in ways that don't make any sense in reality.


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>those dreams where you try to run but physically feel weak and unable to

I used to have these a lot more often, one I vividly remember is when I was outside in the wide open plains running from zombies, and my legs start to feel stiff and running feels impossible, I feel like I've used up all my stamina and I can hear and feel the zombies getting closer, then suddenly out of nowhere I get a burst of energy and can run like hell again, and I run to my local park with the tall gates and chain fences which was just around the bend of this vast wilderness.

And then I had moments where I can't run and nothing will help me go faster and the thing I'm running from catches up to me and I wake up or dream shifts.

>deja-vu inside a dream

One of the strangest and rarest sensations, suddenly recalling something about the dream that you remember experiencing before even though you have never had this particular dream before. The example that comes to mind immediately is this one very vivid and realistic vidya dream I had where I knew I was playing a game but it felt real and I recognized an area I was approaching as a part of the level I played from a demo of the game earlier and knew it was going to be bad and full of enemies, even though I never played it before, and this is the first time I had the dream itself.

That's all I can remember for now, got any others you can share /zzz/? I want to see how many of these experiences are universal to dreams, things like running feeling like soykaf or punching slow as fuarrrk is common but what about deja-vu's in dreams I described or recognizing a dream as continuing from a dream you had the night before?

What are your difficult to explain dream things, and can you provide any examples from your dreams?


Also before I go to sleep I'd like to just post one dream I had a year ago that was one of my most vivid and had several of these examples within it, and shows how these difficult to describe things occur in my dreams.

This is also one of the few more coherently written dreams I had written down:

-Super long and realistic Stalker dream with a mix of Metro 2033, was inside game but felt like real life, all the mutants were there too, super spooky. Turned from exploring soem abandoned city to fuarrrking Cyberdemon huge monster out of nowhere crashing through the walls and I had a BFG9000 that I picked up a while back and fired at the demon, killing it instantly turning it into a charred mess, and I picked through him for loot, and found none, then I went to a nearby train station which was still operating and waited for train, decided to skip time somehow and I did but now it was night, I hear a disembodied voice, like a helper over an intercom tell me that I can skip forward in time to try to avoid baddies but if you do it too much you are left to fend for food and resources on your own instead of a ressuply, now its fuarrrking night and I missed the train, and theres a snorkeler and I'm scared shitless because I have no weapon, or no ammo for my weapon, only flashlight. Its not attacking me yet but just on the far side of the station platform, suddenlly train arrives, no people in it, still has lights, I realize its driven by a script and I'm still totally alone here, but I get up and it starts away, feels really good to stand on moving train, not actually falling off like most games but secure and able to move around, as it drives I see a whole railyard and station complex outdoors just full of trains, all with lights on, all going through scripted motions with no passengers or conductors and I wonder for a sec how this can all still operate in a post apocalyptic city kek. Still realize its a game I'm in so thats how, but didn't realize I was in dream. The train now takes a wide turn and I'm hoping its going to lead me out of the city but its going awfully close to the inner portion, behind me is a neverending stretch of apartments and commie blocs all squeezed together, have to watch out for random metal soykaf and poles and overhangs because they stretch out over the tracks but as I come up to them I easily clip through them all and stop trying to avoid them, then on the other side the graphics seemed to have improved tenfold, everything is crisp and clear and super detailed, from lighting to props, I can see all sorts of enemies including snorkelers startled by train and wanting to kill me, and I still hsve no ammo in my weapon, the only lighting is from train and random fires, illuminating all these spooky enemies, but train is going to fast for them to do anythjng, suddeny i get a dejavu inside a dream and remember that this level im in now was part of the demo I remember playing for it and I dread knowing whats coming up next, still no ammo, and the train starts to slow down... still in the middle of this shitty city, and I have that voice over intercom aagain telling me to get ready and going over tips, to survive, the train slows down and just ahead I can see the track is gone, just a few planks of wood ending in the dirt of the street,covered by snow now its stopped and qa these enemies start crawling around snorkerlers and some nasty mutants with giant carnivorous stomachs and I say fuarrrk this and take off my breathing mask, and my gear like a coward and close my eyes and jump into them... feeling them grab and strike at me but nothing painful as sensations are lessened and then dream ends.

Night lain.


OP here, had another instance of nonsensical dream location switches this morning-

>flying a helicopter with troops to a landing zone on the grassland

>approach LZ and land near a tree and suddenly dream location switches to my living room with me near by christmas tree and the helicopter gone but im now lugging a heavy rucksack along with my weapon
>dream shifts now just me alone in my living room dressed in normal clothes with a very realistic looking toy rifle