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I don't really want to wake up. It's hard to explain, maybe you understand. The waking world has no meaning beyond what I can perceive, because that's all the waking world is. But the dream world gives access to what you've hidden from yourself, it gives you hints, insight, and calm. Even when I'm falling in my dreams I'm calm. Melatonin doesn't do anything for my dreams, I don't know if you find this. It doesn't enhance them. There is some other compound, something similar to adrenaline but acting on the subconscious primarily, maybe, and it overflows in dreams. I can't explain it, I just don't want to wake up.


That is a really beautiful photo.

Sage for OT.


I wish I had the control and clarity in my dreams to experience this. I would kill for it in fact; to be able to talk to myself, or practice things or sharpen skills all night long to turn around and use in waking life would be an incredible gift.

I keep a dream log and mostly remember the dreams very well... and that's about it. I can never seem to "wake up" in the dream and take control. Poor me.


I'm crying for you, mate.

It takes a lot of time. The subconscious is a fuarrrked up place, and there's a reason the conscious brain doesn't initially have a lot of access to it. This is where lifelong memories are stored, the existence of which your conscious brain is completely oblivious to. This is the place of instinct that guides your conscious actions, and where you perceive and assign meaning to various factors in your life. It's also where trauma is stored. Most people don't think they have any trauma because they relate trauma to singularly painful experiences, but everyone has some degree of trauma. It's all in there. The conscious brain is incapable of controlling its processes, or even understanding what it all is. It really takes time.


Sleeping/dreaming is often the highlight of my day (or night ;^)


<3 What do you dream about? What is your world like?