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Post your dream-images here

photographs and artwork that induce an altered state of mind, remind you of your dreamworld, and/or are beautiful in that indescribable way specific to dreams.


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worst dream


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I swear to god I dreamed about this same exact ship in this same exact position well before I ever saw the image. The rocks and the reflection on the sand were the same and everything. The only difference is that I was facing the opposite way (this one is looking at it from the front and to the left - I was right next to it and looking - right about where the person viewing this would've been, actually. I just realized that. 2spooky).


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Universal consciousness is potent.


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eh... you can dream stuff that you've seen but don't remember. It happens to some people. My friend would often dream things that he saw in the background but had never focused on or thought about. I showed him some creepy dolls that were suspended from the ceiling in this sort of art space we used to party at and he thanked me for making him conscious of them because only taking them in peripherally would have caused him to have a nightmare about them. Or, so he said.


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My dreams often take place in sparsely populated, sometimes dimly lit shopping malls.


I think we draw from the places we know, and our minds extend them on the fly, like how you can be in a forest and keep running and never get back to the same place because its all just linear.

Shopping malls make sense because we've all been to one and know what they look like. It's very interesting to me that there are no people. I always have people in my dreams if im in a public place, they just usually can't hear me



>like how you can be in a forest and keep running and never get back to the same place because its all just linear.
no, i don't have a clue what you're talking about.