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I think it's possible to access the Internet through your dreams, how about you?


How the fuarrrk would this be possible? Wireless technology emits electromagnetic radiation, which could effect a person, but in no way would the data sent by the Internet be able to be read or interpreted by human mind.


Me Daúde... I don't know wath you're smoking bit that's some grade A soykaf .


Why do you think it's not possible for a human mind to interpret data in this way?


i'm on the internet all day, why would i want to be on the internet in my dreams


More importantly, why would you think a human mind can? I'm not baiting here, I seriously want to understand your reasoning


It might be possible for the human mind to interpret this type of data, but I doubt there is a way for it to recieve it.
At least for now.


Well, I've done it before. It was definitely in an abstract way, but you know how you can lucid dream and literally share that dream with other people, interacting with them in dreamspace? It's just a synchronization of neural firing patterns between two dreamers. This kind of thing can and does exist on a more massive scale, between hundreds of dreamers, depending on the probability density of such a phenomenon occurring, which obviously depends on external electromagnetic factors that influence the brain (solar phenomena and intraterrestrial factors being most pertinent, as well as events that influence perception such as massive social/political change, etc).

The dream-Internet uses this principle, but it is also still composed of a medium for transmitting data, exactly like the physical Internet except in 4D space (assuming dreaming takes place in the 4th-dimension, and that thought-forms are 4th-dimensional-- this is an assumption that has some ground, from a quantum-mechanical perspective, if you analyze what lucid dreaming is on the most basic conceptual level). 4D space contains energy and 'matter' just like 3D space, but with a different direction and obviously with another vector direction comes some stranger 4D-physical laws. So presumably, if you could access 4D space on a regular basis (like when you're dreaming) you could gain an intuition for the laws and construct objects with this 'matter', which is basically what one does in a lucid dream.

I'm not sure if you recognize the phenomenon of universal consciousness, but I am operating under the assumption that it exists because I have experienced it for myself and it is the only explanation for how two lucid dreamers could 'meet up' in a dream and both recall the exact same events in the morning. It also explains some aspects of musical connection and culture, but either way universal consciousness is the property that allows the dream internet to arise. There are people who live to sleep, who spend much, and even most, of their time dreaming simply because they feel so connected to their subconscious and to dream-space that they explore and explore endlessly, and are addicted. Once you perfect lucid dreaming, you can do anything you want in the dreamworld, within its laws for space, time, and energy (and whatever the other vector is in 4D space, which I have no conceptual name for). You can access your subconscious with full range, and thus modify/write to the program that influences your conscious behavior and thoughts, and you can also do this with other people, interact with other people, interact with the 4D physicality and construct an interconnected system of information processing units with which to communicate across spatial and time borders. It is much easier to do than mass-lucid dreaming, because you can send a message at 1 am New York time, and have it arrive in what corresponds to Southeast Asia at 1 am also, so that the users perceive no delay, and perceive that they are dreaming/communicating at a universal time (because time exists differently from the perspective of the 4th dimension, especially relative to the 3rd, as per quantum mechanical laws).

So, I suppose it is not "the" Internet, but it is an internetwork, operating on analogous principles.


No, but I have been able to access dreamspace while conscious. At least that's what I think. I get very vivid imaginations, and I assume it comes from the same place that allows you to visualize dreams/hallucinate. It happens when I'm tired, in the dark (eyes closed), and usually when I'm having trouble falling asleep or on/coming off a drug. It first happened when I was depressed...

Of course I don't know BALLS about how the brain works, so this is all baseless conjecture.


It would be the same process, yeah. Have you practiced trying to gain more control of it?


I can access the internet with my conscious mind.


That's crazy, dude.


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Sure. Why not?


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I don't think I put much confidence in the ability of the human brain to interact with wifi systems as-is. But given the success of the vibrating compass and other artificial sixth senses as melding into the rest of one's perception, I could see a communication device being made that's so easy to use that one could interact with it int thier sleep. Since voluntary muscles are only paralysed from the waist down (from what I know of sleep anyway), I suggest making a way to control comptuers with facial muscles. I'm thinking sideways jaw movements. Or maybe a tactile eye tracker that lightly rests on your eyelid and feels the slight bump of your iris moving around?


What an interesting concept. I doubt I'll get that lucid to try such a thing.


I know. I think i'm the only one who can do this, but there might be others out there that i'm not aware of.


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>I suggest making a way to control comptuers with facial muscles. I'm thinking sideways jaw movements.


It might not be a good choice since it can easily be an uncomfortable movement when not very slight. I just don't know if relying on a facial motion that people already do normally would work well, or introduce too many false signals from people performing the motion for their other purposes within the dream.


Me? Well quite frankly I think you're a tree hugging hippy who "cleanses" rooms with sage n shet if you believe that for a second.


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I have accessed my local imageboard through dreaming a few times. It's the site that I most frequently access, so I guess that's why it came up in my dream.

It wasn't a very clear experience, more like trying to use an imageboard when heavily drunk. That means that focusing on a post is very hard.

I tried posting but typing was very hard and only managed a random sequence of letters, kinda like "fffffgggdjjk". Hit the post button nevertheless.

The next morning I wanted to check whether I really posted from my dream, but I was too busy and my posts eventually disappeared from the last page. Too bad.

Another time when I accessed the imageboard, I could read some posts very consciously. I got a very interessting book recommendation. The title was a scientific one though, so it was too complex to remember, so I couldn't verify if the book really exists...


>share that dream with other people
I saw my uncle in a lucid dream once, and asked him to tell me that I'm dreaming the next time we meet, so I can realise I'm in a dream. He said that he wasn't a dream character, that he was my uncle's dream self in a dream he was having in that same moment.

Actually you're full-body paralised, except for the eyeballs. They found that in an experiment with sensors in dreamers' eyes, the sleeper would send signals to the experimenters with eye movements from their lucid dreams.
So you could make a program out of that, the dreamer would have to imagine an interface and look at the imagined buttons to activate them IRL. That's for output, any ideas for input?


Similar events have happened to me as well, but I was a bit more lucid for them. I've been recommended pieces of art, websites, etc, and all exist. I find that so interesting.


Yeah, if I can fly in my dreams I am sure I can access the internet... I suppose it is just the net of another realm ie. less kept and has less users (most people don't lucid dream), we could set up a marker to meet/communicate from - say a lotus flower! When you see the flower you can know there are other lainons about... otherwise you can just browse this site.


I tried doing this but I didn't know what a lotus flower looked like so I woke up because I was really stressed out about the appearance of a lotus flower.


>I think it's possible to access the Internet through your dreams, how about you?

I think you need to get a grip, talk to people who won't pander to such bullshit ideas and give you a dose of reality.

When the fuck did this place turn into a role play chan?


What a load of horse shit.


I know it's bull but once I had a dream that someone, a week later in a paranormal forum, described almost on point. He described how I looked like and the actions that was going on which were nsfw and I'm in public, but I stopped it because I was like, nah fam.



I tried doing this too. Nothing happened.


He wasn't a reader though, he was just some guy trying to analyze a lucid dream iirc.