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My float finally appeared in my dreams last night, and although its entire shape/weight/luminescence was different, and although I recognized this while I was dreaming, I didn't think to take control of the dream. This is often a problem in my dreams, where I will consciously recognize that I am dreaming but I don't realize the full implications of that fact, so instead of entering a lucid dream, everything becomes semi-lucid. In my dreams I can remember previous dreams and settings, I can remember dreams that I've had that same night, and I can remember how to utilize certain abilities that I've gained in previous dreams. In this way, I often find myself in similar settings in the dreams, and solve problems in similar ways. I've had one lucid dream in all my life, so I know that what I've been experiencing is not lucid but somewhere in-between.

Does anyone else have experience with this? What should I do?


I know that feel. Have had 2 lucid dreams period. One where I was sitting at my desk and began to levitate in the air with it, and then woke up, and one where I realized what was going on and decided to fuarrrk Minka the 90s asian porn star, and then woke up as I was going at it.

I too would be open to suggestions.