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A little bit ago I had a dream, which was re-occurring for 2-3 months.

This dream is real creepy.
It enters with a character who is in rough clothin, jumping on top of a taxi. Im surrounded with thousands of people in a large city, skyscrapers around me and a stop light behind me. I raise the AK in the air, a long with the other people around me. It seems like its some kind of rally, we cheer comprehensible words.


I see the character, which I believe is me get shot in the head, I fall off the taxi.

Still being in 3rd person I see the thousands of people charging into the city. Yelling some sort of war cry, it ends like this.


Is that what you really remember or are you trying to make sense of bits and pieces, and/or excluding things you remember but can't explain? Not being hostile, just trying to understand your dream better.


in following dreams, try to recall other people, what they say, what they shout, their signs. what is that rally about?
focus less on you, and more on the rest of the dream. rallies and activism are about the community, not the hero.
maybe this will help you understand better


Did you recently watch Paprika or something?