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A little bit ago I had a dream, which was re-occurring for 2-3 months.

This dream is real creepy.
It enters with a character who is in rough clothin, jumping on top of a taxi.
He's surrounded with thousands of people in a large city, skyscrapers around me and a stop light behind me.
He raises the AK in the air, along with the other people around me. It seems like its some kind of rally, we cheer comprehensible words.


I see the character, which I believe is me get shot in the head, he falls off the taxi.

Still being in 3rd person I see the thousands of people charging into the city. Yelling some sort of war cry, it ends like this.

One day, my buddy and I are talkin bout dreams n shit.
I explain this dream to him.
He pauses for a second and a look of confusion on his face.

Im like "what the fuck yo"

He told me he had that exact dream a few nights ago, and explained the exact scenario in what he said, yet his was in a different

And describes what happens after the people storm the city.

I was 2spooked



Fuck reoccurring dreams, especially if they're creepy. I feel you OP, your friend also having the same dream makes it even creepier. Especially the part about having a different perspective, maybe other people you see in your dreams are dreaming from other parts of the world?

I used to have one reoccuring for a few nights myself, but it wasn't as scary as yours, just weird. I'd always start out in the same mall, and the further in I went the more strange and abstract it got. At some point the floors would get sandy and it'd slowly turn into a desert, the room growing wider and taller until it was too far to see the edges of, with the shops growing farther and farther apart. Spent many nights exploring the mall, even tried walking out into the desert but after a while the shops would end up being miles apart so I gave up.


From what knowledge I've on dream interpretation, it is said that dream characters typically represent yourself or an aspect of yourself (the latter being more common). Being that you- or how you view yourself as a whole- is killed by the dream characters and they then riot could mean that different aspects of yourself are "killing" your self image or changing who you view yourself to be.
>He told me he had that exact dream a few nights ago, and explained the exact scenario in what he said, yet his was in a different
Sounds like dream sharing. Typically only occurs when people have somewhat a strong bond.


would you mind interpret my dream too? I had it like a week ago and didn't re-occure, but I'm still curious.

In this dream I'm still a child (6-9 years old) and me and my family(all normal age) go on vacation. We go into a hotel, and inside this hotel are all the people i know from work. Somehow I discover that i can fly and break stuff with my mind 'n soykaf, but there is one catch to this superpower. I can only use it when I'm aspleep inside my dream, so i cannot controle it.

Do you know what that could mean?


Bull, your friend is toying with you.