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My entire life I've never been able to see my face during dreams or even be able to picture my face while I was awake, so my dreams have either been of a hooded figure who I assumed was me or the face was just a blur. I accepted this as normal and continued on with my life for 12 years until yesterday while napping on the couch I had a dream where I was standing on the edge of a cliff looking out at the ocean and I was looking at myself from behind, then the 'camera' started to go around my body until it reached my face where it focused on it and started to zoom in until all I could see was my face and whiteness around it.

Usually if this happens the face is all distorted but this time I could actually see me, but it was sort of fading in and out. I wasn't doing anything or showing any emotions, just looking out at the ocean.

Anyways, what do you guys think this means? Have I finally found out who I am? Is this my subconscious saying I'm ready to die?

Sorry if there was any bad grammar, English is not my good language.


whoops, meant 21 years.


Hard to decipher dreams and what they actually mean. But I like your initial idea: maybe you're starting to really find out who you are and what kind of a person you want to be. Often happens to you during the new adult years.

Have you noticed a change in yourself?


I have been pushing myself to be more social, but other than that no.



Has it been a worthwhile experience so far, pushing yourself to be more sociable?


No, it just leaves me dissapointed and sad.


>becoming sociable
I became a little more sociable when I started beeing friends with some nerds who were quite sociable but with whom i could mainly have interesting conversations.


The problem is I moved to a city where I didn't know anybody so I could get a job, so after a month the only people I knew were co-workers and we have no interests in common. How would I go about making friends at my age?


I don't think I've ever seen my face in my dreams either. Usually they're in first person


Similar here. While dreaming I either have first person vision or see other people doing things without being at the place, like watching a documentary film.

I will try to integrate mirrors into my dreamscapes.



>I will try to integrate mirrors into my dreamscapes.

You point an interesting question : How to "force" an element into the dreamscape? eg. For years I felt asleep thinking about the same characters, the same universe, the same situations yet I never ever dreamed about any of those things.


I usually try to picture it during the daytime, so I become aware of it and can memory its details and shape.

In case of mirrors this is especially hard. You have to focus on the mirror itself, not on the things you see in the mirror.

The common method of actively wanting to integrate something into a dream before bedtime applies too. Create yourself a magic spell like "I want mirrors" or "see my face" and repeat it until your mind wanders into nocturnal spheres.

Alternatively looking yourself in the face for an hour or so should be sufficient to rise probability of seeing yourself during dream time.

Sadly I have had no success with mirrors recently.


I can't recall ever seeing my own face in a dream either. I used to dream a lot where the POV was three feet behind my head and slightly above. Like some video game but it's worth noting, video games like that didn't exist yet.

When I was a kid I couldn't recall what my face looked like when awake either. I even tested this. I would try to picture what I looked like and then look in the mirror. What I had imagined was always wrong. I don't experience this phenomena anymore.



>I usually try to picture it during the daytime, so I become aware of it and can memory its details and shape.

It sounds pretty straightforward and logical after all. It works well for inducing reality checks, so why not for "broader" themes or ideas…


I don't recall ever seeing any faces during dreams. It has just been blurry mush although I'm able to identify the person in a way. But today I took a short nap and had an unusually vivid dream. I saw a face this time, clearly. Not sure if this has anything to do with me trying to improve my visualization skill or if I've never just tried to focus on the faces in my dreams before.


Well, the most obvious theory to come from this information is that trying to be social made you think of how you present your face more, which made it appear in your dream.

Personally I tend to remember things and dream from a first person perspective. When awake I tend to whip up some arbitrary substitute character for my voice and appearance when I do go away from first person perspective. Seems less like I can't envision myself and more that I feel as though I shouldn't bother, that I should actually seek mutability in traits I don't see as really defining.

When dreaming, I usually do seem to have my own body, though I rarely out of my way to make sure. This is often sidestepped in a way by having the dream be of playing a video game, but at least one time I just outright started out with a sense of playing the role of a character and that I should just roll with not being me. But this was also that dream that acted all dumb and artsy.


You've been obsessing about knowing how you look long enough for all the right connections to be made, such that you are now capable of visualizing your face. That's what it means and that's all it means.


Take a picture of your face and hang it above your bed



That thing is normal, I guess, when I can see my face on a dream I usually see a destroyed face.


Another possibility is that it's still from your perspective, but you've created a flattering facade of yourself for others to look at.