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I have this series of 3 dreams in a row almost every night involving a giant black snake roaring in my face with enough power it starts to shake whatever building im in and it starts eating people around me, i manage to get out and think i wake up. next i "go back to sleep" and "wake up" to my mother being in my room, leaning over me extremely angry but the entire room looks like there is a black light on and her eyes are glowing green, then im in the desert walking over dunes endlessly. Usually at the end i actually realize im dreaming and i start suffering from sleep paralysis. At this point i wake up in the real world panicked and i can remember the dreams for hours afterwards. I cant tell if its real, but i do remember waking up between each of these dreams. Every night for 3 nights.



Try and change the dream when you're in it. You know the phases; start to play with them. When you wake up between the dreams, tell yourself you'll take it in a new direction. See where it goes


the only direction i can take it in, is being aware that ive seen it before. The dream plays slightly different but im unable to change it dramatically. Every time so far subtle things have been added or removed. For example, the third time, after scene #2 my friend was sitting in a hallway cleaning his shoes as i was transitioning to scene #3. By the third night i remember being prepared for whats going to happen but it still effects me like ive never seen it before (ie: terror & despair).


i think your dream is a classic 3-step hero's journey kind of dream, but with a twist.
you're actually "failing" the dream, not accomplishing what you're asked to.

Chapter 1: Snakes are more than fear.
They represent fear itself, and push it physically to your head.
Managing to fight or escape the snake are the correct courses of action; other gimmicky/dreamy action would get you killed.

Ch 2: Mother
You're trapped in an hotel room with your biggest fear, and your biggest safe-person, "mother". Black and green lights and other audiovisual sensations might make you hesitate, but its just ornamentation.
Interacting with her is vital, this is the most important part of the journey. Mother is the sum of everything, the beginning and end of your life.
She may seem angry or mad, but she's just trying to make you feel safe, she's your mother after all.
If you fail at feeling safe thanks to mother, you're deported to the dunes, or whatever exile (including death) that may suit your REM brain.
To pass this test, you have to engage is sexual relations with mother, or kill her.

Ch 3: Reality
according to your performance on the dream, you're set to an environment suiting the results. an exile, a desert, a cage or death mean you got everything wrong, and should try again. a paradise, home or flying/swimming freely mean you succeded, and this last part functions as a lesson or wrap-up, also an epilogue.

bring yourself some items or stuff that might help you in-dream. like a gun to kill mother.