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This just happened to me today.
>wore baggy pants today
>sudden gust of wind blows through the material of the cloth
>feels like I'm not wearing any pants, just underwear
>people don't seem to notice and go about normally
>it's like in a dream

I know it sounds silly but for a few moments I was really confused because I've had many dreams about daily life without pants and this one was exactly like it.


i once had this sexual fantasy about a world where people walk around naked like animals and you are allowed to touch and fuck other people if they allow it. Sometimes i wonder...


in public that is.


I was trying to find my way out of a large airport once after a 3.5 hour flight, and had started drinking well before I boarded the plane. This airport is notorious for confusing people with it's design by the way, as it was built in separate pieces over the decades. I asked three different people for directions, got three different answers, none of which were helpful. Even the EXIT signs were misleading. I started walking faster, breathing faster.

OK I thought... I'm still at home where I fell asleep on the couch with the cat. The cab ride, the home airport, the flight and this airport are all part of an elaborate dream. It wasn't until I found the exit that I was convinced otherwise.


I was sticking my finger up random peoples but holes in the busy main street, then the police turned up and I realised it wasn't a dream.

Don't do bath salts kids.


I was dreaming that some greasy kid was trying finger me in the pooper down on Main in the middle of the afternoon and the po' rolled up and jumped out to grab him and I realized it wasn't a dream.


Once my mother was trying to cash a moneygram and a femme male was jabbering with a bored woman, he was wearing strange shoes, while two bear homosexuals were at the cash register.
I once woke up, half awake and threw my clock down. It's cardboard so it didn't break but.