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Ok. here is an insane story of a dream that I had, could anybody help decode it?

I am a small kid on a school bus, I am in a small town, and the bus is going over a bridge.

Suddenly, I hear a large crashing noise, and see a catapult on the other side of the bridge.

The catapult throws a nuke at the bridge, but the driver somehow turns the bus around and drives as fast as possible in the other direction.

The nuke hits the ground, and a giant explosion happens, all the kids in the car fly out of the car.

A little girl in a purple dress gets thrown into the sky, and then is vaporized into blue dust.

The mushroom cloud is dark brown, and I see something emerging from it.

The shape of the President Franklin D Roosevelt is formed by the clouds, and on his chest there is a pin with [pic related] on it.

He says "Fertility is a sin, and destruction is my religion", I fall to the ground, and the dream ends



You foresaw the bus bombing that happened in Ankara today.



Dang OP, but what confuses me is why Roosevelt? What would he have to do with Turkey? Or in this case Islam?


So, I think FDR is actually Trump. God, this is insane.