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I was at home and there was a bulk of mail, like I hadn't opened any mail for months. Snail mail that is. Among the letters was a larger one, thick, more of a package. I opened it and it was a book of Anne Frank. I was worried for a moment because when taking it out I had ripped the cover a tiny bit, but on further inspection the book was a reprint from '92.
There was another item in there, but I cannot remember what it was.
There also was a letter. A big logo of an insurance firm in my country, and below it, there was an equally sized graphic of a wireframe globe. Same color red as the insurance logo.
The knowledge I got out of the letter (it wasn't really written, it was just in there) was this:

The person who had sent this to me had held some upper position in a tobacco company. He had received my name and address through the internet, alongside instructions. There was a printed out screenshot, showing a browser window. Inside a supposedly anonymous fake email account of mine was my contact information, plus trivial information, likes and dislikes. His instructions had been to contact me and send me a present.
The knowledge that transcended, was that this was some kind of chain mail, where an anonymous group contacts people on a list with information and instructions to gift someone else, passing it on to them. This was a way to redeem yourself; your file, or whatever they had on you, would be deleted.

That dream woke me up.


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The next time, I was at the gym.

It was rundown.
The usual faces, but a different crowd. Equipment was fading.
I was on my way out.

I went to my locker and the lock had been opened, but I realized that this was the wrong locker. Mine was a few steps to the left. I went for the lock. Not only had this one been unlocked, but bruteforced. It came apart completely.
I checked for my wallet. The money was still there...alongside my two phones. Somebody had cracked the lock, taken the phone out of my trousers' pocket and put it inside the wallet, alongside my second phone, which I don't even use anymore - it has been lying around my apartment for ages!

Awake, I couldn't help but think of the phones as two bricks:

freedom and information.