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Does anybody else enjoy their dreams better than life? Whenever I wake up I feel "Oh… I've woken up." and then I'm really depressed for the rest of the day.


Yup. I really like sleeping because I almost never feel sick in my dreams.
I wouldn't mind sleeping forever.


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I never remember my dreams, this is probably because of my lack of sleep. But most of the dreams I remember are about back when I was in school, so I prefer not to remember my dreams.


I relate. Waking up is terrible.


I have quite the opposite, I remember my dreams. It starts where I wake up and remember the dream very well. Next it's the "forget phase" where you suddenly forget your dream. Then it all comes back to me because I'll think of something in my mind and it'll trigger some bridge that connects my dream memories to my actual memory. Literally every day this happens in the same cycle.

As for your lack of sleep, I have a lack of being awake. I sleep at least 12 hours a day (only about 7-8 hours being actual sleep) the other 4 hours I "force" myself to sleep. Whenever I'm awake I feel compelled to return to sleep (aka feeling tired) there's never a time of the day where I feel awake.

I would go as far to say I'm more awake in my dreams than being actually awake.


Life just isn't that great when you compare it to just about anything else



Problem is, if you try to sleep constantly (hypersomnia), you're dreams eventually turn into nightmares and the both "lives" suck.


How vivid are you people's dreams? Mine aren't such a big deal, I wonder why you like your dreams so much.


You should try meditation.


Allegedly, some dreams have been noted to feel more realistic than waking life. As for myself, I've many dreams in which they're just as real in feeling as waking life.


Care to share some details? How often do you have this sort of dream? Does it happen at a particular time of the night? Do you remember them in the morning or only if you wake up in the middle of the night?

I had a very vivid dream once, it was lucid actually. I randomly woke up some 3 hours earlier than usual, and managed to sleep only 2 hours later. Somehow that triggered it.


Unfortunately, I've actually never really logged any particular details as to the events surrounding my more realistic, "controlled" dreams. Though, one thing I've noticed is that I don't believe I've ever had a realistic dream when attaining less sleep than I require (7-8+ hours). Typically, the dreams in which I can control myself and act on my own are the most memorable, so I remember these fairly easily- or so I assume.

>I randomly woke up some 3 hours earlier than usual, and managed to sleep only 2 hours later.

I believe that's called a "wake-back-to-bed". You wake up in the middle of your sleep schedule and allow your mind to awake- though not your body- and then when you fall back asleep your mind is awake as your body is asleep, thus enabling or atleast highly increasing your chances to lucid dream. I've heard that rather than one, long, continuous 8+ hours of sleep, that two, 4-hour periods are more efficient and this can be a good point to do a wake-back-to-bed.


Yes. The dream about being hunted and not able to run away - my legs became limp and weak. Waking up and realising it was just a dream is relieving but I would still be depressed for a few hours after.
Because apart from what I've written about they are goddarn great. Fighting, flying, crashing soykaf, paranoia. Even being on the run is fun. And talk about climbing a ladder to a 28th floor with a marksman rifle and a laptop bag.


I know how you feel. Sleeping every night is like a new adventure. I wouldn't say waking up is terrible, but usually I'd much rather continue dreaming.

Someday, I want to start lucid dreaming. Supposedly you can be stuck in sleep paralysis for a while if things go wrong, though. Has that happened to anyone here?


I don't dream enough to feel they are better than my waking life. They are not too interesting either. Two things are wird in them though: one is how a minor detail or event of a scene always becomes the main event or location for the next one, making a chain of little sub-dreams only related by this one small detail. The other thing is people I know IRL. They usually preserve their appearance and personality, but don't seem to notice how weird the situation is and ending up acting very outlandish.
I don't really sense much in my dreams. Smells, tastes, touch, heat, momentum, pain, itch, a lot of things are missing. It makes them feel quite dull, and I often get more vivid feels from weird stuff I read or see while I'm awake.


ive gotten sleep paraylsis plenty of times. ive learned to snap out of it though. you literally think to yourself "i just have to close my eyes" and close your eyes and you get back in the dream.
there are apps that help you lucid dream. ive used Awoken on android


Waking Life is actually a really good movie about dreams you should all watch.


I tend to have pretty vivid and absurd dreams. A lot more enjoyable than my repetitive and bland waking life.

I seriously feel more alive in my dreams.


I rarely remember my dreams but the few i do remember are always saddening and overly normal.

One was me walking hand in hand with some girl i knew around a lake. That's it.


Every. Single. Morning.
>Start dreaming.
>Oh soykaf turns out me and my friends are going to Disney world!
>Holy fuarrrk that day at Disney world was awesome! Wait, what's this? My friend's hot sister wants me to sleep with her?
>Woah holy soykaf I just fuarrrked my friend's hot sister!
>Wake up.
>Realize I'm just some glitterboy living with his friend and his friend's sister.
>Realize I'm too poor to go to Disney world and too fat/lazy for my friend's sister to want to fuarrrk me.


Yeah quite often. Case in point, well you see there was this girl and tl;dr now there isn't. Sometimes I still dream about her and it's the happy dreams, not the sad ones, which destroy my whole week. Missing her is something I'm used to but having her back for a moment only to wake up and realize it was just a dream? is the worst feeling in the world.


You should at least try, lainanon.


What I tend to do is wake up and then immediately go back to sleep for 15 minutes to an hour. Those are the really vivid dreams.


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i feel like this everyday of my life
i just want to live on the wired


If it's that easy to snap out of, I guess I'll have to try it. Thanks.


I've been doing this too and the result is I'm starting to get "to be continued" dreams, something I thought was impossible. In other words the dream picks up more or less where it left off after I fall back asleep. In the past, once I woke up from a dream, that story was finished for good, no exceptions.


I wish I would never wake up


Being awake is suffering. When you're a busy person you start to realize that it all comes down to sleeping, and that all that matters in life is how much you're sleeping. I really want to sleep right now.


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I used to, it probably depends on the situation you have in reality. I had some depression issues last year, that combined with summer heat and depression causing medications made me go into a spiral of suicidal thoughts and heavy (bottom of the pit) type of depression. During those times, whenever I wake up and remember my dreams (or at least the sensation of it) and remember my current situation. I feel that I wanted to go back to the dream and never wake up. Because the dream is more normal, that I had more control in it even though it wasn't lucid.

But when I stopped the medications and I started to cope with my situation, my depression faded and everything went back to some degree of normality. There are of course dreams that are so amazing I still don't want to wake up, but that's because the dream is amazing.

Well, there were also those moments where I wake up and become glad that it was all just a dream. That my situation in reality is better. (although most of those were before my depression last year)


My dreams aren't the best stuff. Their are so weird.


Absolutely. Even the sh*tty dreams are better than my sh*tty reality. I wake up and think, oh look there's the cat whining in my ear again. The only being I will exchange more than 10 words with this week.


I haven't remembered a dream in about 3 years.


I think dreams are better than drugs. They're safe and, in a lot of times, good experiences.


>I think dreams are better than drugs.
well how nice


Dont be so hard on the cat, you are responsible for keeping it. And dont be so hard on yourself and your lack of communication with peers, you are also responsible for it.
Both fortunately and unfortunately, you are in charge of changing most of the stuff you dont like.
Also drink more water and write down your dreams.


Happens to me all the time. I'll wake up from a great dream and want to sleep because real life sucks most of the time. I spend most of my awake life being immersed in other things trying not to remember I actually live in a shitty apartment and am poor as fuck. I disassociate from real life with help of my laptop and when I sleep I never want to wake up because life on the other side is so much better.


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I thought this was normal until I talked about it with a friend the other day, I've always done it. My dreams are never too pleasant so whenever I have a good one I make sure to continue it. But it's a terrible feeling when you wake up and realize there's no going back this time.


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Sort of. Life is pretty bland in comparison to my dreams, but then again my dreams tend to be fairly weird.


I agree. Dreams give you more meaning. Plus, sometimes you do drugs in your dreams, which are just as good or better than what you can get in real life.


I managed to have a continuing dream for over twelve years involving a mysterious blonde girl/woman (she grew up as I did). And it was the most surreal mind bending progression of plot that spans multiple universes (of earth). Towards the end it became unbearable to suffer.


What was the story like anon? Did you grow fond of her?


Since you asked Ill tell.

This story started with a blonde girl when I was a young teen. She was beautiful and completely silent. She would grab me by the hand and start running. Each dream was a version of Earth. And in each version the world was in distress. In one version, Yellowstone caldera had erupted and she dragged me towards it so that we could reach a cave system. Later on, it was a crashed UFO with genetic hybrids roaming the lands. In another, we copulated while the onlookers where awaiting the birth of a half human-half god.

The very last one I had that capped the entire anthology was when the world was in a post-revolution state. I was in a re-education camp and on the monitors they were teaching us that religion was the reason for the strife in the world. Various monitors showed various religious leaders in the moments of hypocrisy. She (the blonde girl) was now a woman. She sat down beside me, leaned in an whispered: "My name is Ishtar". And the dream ended there.

Since then I have not had a dream with her. And they stopped the moment I got involved with my fiance.


Ishtar was a sumerian goddess of fertility and love. At least that's what I've heard. That's probably the reason why people in one of your dreams were waiting for a birth of a half human - half god. I wish I had dreams as awesome as yours anon.


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If I dreamt I tend to wake up with huge relief realizing it's all over and none of it was real.


Almost all of my dreams throughout my life have been random blurs of everchanging events.
On the rare occassion that something clearer does happen, I either feel the weight of a dying star on my shoulders, hardly being able to move, or I just trip all the time.
Often times I'm blind or at least visually impaired too.
I wish I could at least have fun in my dreams.


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I'd like my dreams better, if they weren't a jumbled mess that makes no sense.


don't seizure and type


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Yesterday I woke up from a dream, where I had deeply fallen in love with a dream character. I cried when I woke up.

This has happened to me more than once. It is weird how intense a relationship can become given the proper situation. For example one time I had to endure a grand adventure with a girl and a group of other people. The other were new to this thing, but we had both already gone through this, had lost all our friends before and knew about the inevitable tragic end this story had to take. Our bonding was more than love, it was fate. I still miss her.

I have never felt in such way and degree while awake.


i feel you op. i wish i could just never wake up, and just live in my dreams... that'll never happen though, hah. maybe when im dead.