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I would be interested in hearing about wet nightmares, if you experienced one.
I had my first today:

tl;dr: I ejaculated while running out of time in a surprise exam.

First I dreamed I was doing some kind of paper chase / scavenger hunt, i.e. we had to go where the hint we found at the current station point us to, finding another hint, and so on. Normally the game would have been played in teams or roughly 4, but I was the only one whose team comrades didn't appear, so I had to go on alone. Fortunately some unknown person gave me his thoughts on the first 3 hints or so, so that I found my way without any trouble. At one station there was some caramel creme, thereby suggesting the next hint would be inside the refrigerator, where the glass of caramel creme normally would be. Unfortunately all teams were meeting up, because they didn't start with enough delay. That's why the teacher couldn't rank us and had the fucking nightmarish idea of doing a 5 minutes long surprise exam. When coming into the room I already found the other people doing the exam. Because I didn't hear anyone saying the exam started, I talked to them a bit, until I realized, that maybe the test already started. That was roughly 30s before finish time, so I only got to read the test, noticing that it's things which I am well-versed in, although the questions were kinda open, so that I had my doubts I could answer them to his liking. I didn't even read half of the questions when the test was declared over and I was tasked to hand my solutions in. Still trying to at least pass the exam I begin writing some words down. Note that reading and writing were done while lying on my stomach. But I just couldn't concentrate because of my fear of failure. As I struggled with time I noticed that the head of my penis was highly sensitive and rubbing on the mattress I was lying on. It was already too late... In the moment I had the least time and while being full of fear of failure and also with other people lying around me I came, feeling my crotch pumping large amounts of semen in my underwear. It seems the person next to me, also taking the test, noticed my convulsions, as he remarked that I'm lucky no one can look at me frontally. After that pollution, which felt more like a sneeze, than something good, I was still trying to solve the test in the short time I could bargain for, but I felt I was already beginning to wake up, so I concentrated hard so I won't wake up, because I still needed to solve that test. That was until I realized, that "waking up" means, I was dreaming and I just let it happen. When waking up, I was very glad it was only a dream. But I still had to change my underwear.


Does test - taking turn you on? Did you really prevent yourself from waking up just to finish some random test?


I don't but I know someone who does. Long story. Anyways, they are torturous to him. Anybody know how to prevent them?


Only regular sex/fap. Lucid dream/hard self-control don't secure against wet dreams. I know it. I had been controlling all my dreams for about a month not lucid, only I only controlled that they must not be sexual , but, kurwa, once woke up with wet pants.


tfw never had a wet dream, not even after 45 days nofap


Likely man. I have them every week. and, okay, 2 year nofap


This could be a sex demon taking advantage of you when you're dreaming (succubi/succubus) - usual practice is to spread salt about your room before you sleep, they will be warded off. Otherwise they will eventually kill you.


They are so fucking annoying. I have to fap at least every couple days or so or I'll have one, and it sucks because if I didn't have to I could easily do only a fap a week.


What can you say about me? If I don't have sexual wet dreams, this isn't succubus, yes?


I have a bit of a fear of taking tests. I just prevented myself from waking up in order to pass that test, not that I was particularly happy about having to take a test in the first place.

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In my experience wet dreams aren't linked to fapping. This wet nighmare I had after only 5 days or so without fapping. But I also had a wet dream once right after I fapped the evening before, so only after 6 hours or so. In the case of the wet nightmare I was weirdly lying on my stomach though and I felt my crotch both in the dream and in real life pressing against the bed. Normally I sleep on my left side.

I'm not particularly convinced :)