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/zzz/ how do you fall asleep? This last week I've been having trouble going to bed, and it's been fucking me up something major. I keep forgetting little things, I can barely make it through my classes. I've tried napping, but every time I've gotten close to falling asleep, I just... don't. I can lie down for hours on end, exhausted out of my mind, and just not fall asleep. At all.

Enough blogging though. Is there anything in particular you guys do to fall asleep?


install f.lux or redshift, if you have any electronics with LEDs on when you sleep tape over the LEDs with some electrical tape.

take melatonin


>anything in particular
Only waking up at 5 am, going to the university and some another places, hard studying and rarely eating all re day, hard sports works at 8 pm and going to sleep at 11.