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Have you ever had a dream that has foretold events that would happen? Not: "Next day my goat will eat that left flower", but instead where months pass after the dream until at some instant you suddenly realize you are currently enacting the EXACT events of a dream you can barely remember.

I have these ever so often, and its the creepiest thing in the world to recognize you already know what will happen next. Usually the lag between the dream and the actual event is something awful like half a year and I don't remember them until deja vu. Posting this because one of those Just happened to me right now for some reason. Pic very related.


echoes of the wired~


probably your dream was actually fairly different

i sometimes get false deja vu afters some events

just /ignore, your brain is fucking with you
or write down your dreams and become a prophet :3



I'm fairly interested in this as well, it's definitely not deja vu. I can remember my dreams fairly well, and I remember having one where I was driving in a car I didn't recognize with some friends in an area I didn't recognize either. A few weeks later, the exact same scenario played out. My grandparents have told me a few stories of this happening to them as well, and I've seen people briefly mention it on the net but nothing more than that.

I don't remember where I read it, and this theory sounds largely implausible, but it sounded pretty interesting. Something about time not being sequential, but happening all in one time-frame- everything has and is happening (and is largely predictable) due to the universe following a set of laws. We perceive things in order, but occasionally catch a glimpse into time differently. Not very scientific but it's fun to think about.


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I have dreams like that too.

I've been having dreams like that since I was about 14. It would be like watching a clip of your life; only a few seconds long at most, but more often it's just an image. No, an image doesn't describe it. It's like just a blink of your life in the future. One precise moment, a perfect visage of every detail, smell, and emotion that I would be feeling at that time. The dream is so vivid that can never forget them. they are always at the back of my mind. And when that moment occurs in waking life (the shortest interval I've had was a week, the longest: five years so far) it is the most acute sense of deja vu that there is no way for me to ignore it.

Because the interval between the dream and it actually occurring is so random I can't really learn much from it. It's just a desultory blink into the future.


that's really interesting, because I can never remember them


I have those all the time, I just assumed this was what people meant by dejá vù.


If you are consciously aware of those in advance, you should really write them down.
It'd be interesting to see what the data looks like.


technically, deja vu is the term naming the "feeling" or "sensation" of already having lived that situation.
having foretold it or not, being it a sensation objectively certain or just a sensorial illusion, has nothing to do with the terminology "deja vu"


Deja vu is more like "I remember this happening before" - it's actually deja vecu (spelling might be off) that is "I remember living this before"


Unless you keep a detailed dream journal and can point to the entry which proves it, I'm going to join the other skeptics and say "deja vu". It's impressive to what extent we can edit our memories unintentionally, even to the point of remembering things that couldn't have happened. I speak from personal experience because I've been told by older people that my "earliest childhood memories" were things that could never have happened because certain people were never in certain localities together, that kind of thing.


for me the event can range from a couple seconds to a whole two or three minutes.

It's a really bizarre feeling to have have a deja vu, and then it just keeps going

I really need to start a dream diary


yes, but is more like images that come to me when i'm awake like pictures that come to my mind and resemble what i will be looking thru my eyes at that moment.
i remember one in which i was fixing my bike rim
and some recent one was at work doing some stuff
is like watching a video made with a go-pro and then saying to yourself "i have been here before".


lots of explanations for this. we are all assuming everyone at all times experiences deja vu the same way and with the same intensity, so when you say its "not deja vu" how do you know that for sure? Perhaps the deja vu is so intense that your brain has conceived of you actually dreaming it as the explanation. One of the absolute worst cases of deja vu i had very much felt like this. I was confident I had seen a movie that just came out. I told my mother I had seen it and she thought i was just being a smartass cause it had JUST come out. For the entire movie, literally every single time something happened I instantly was like "YES THATS EXACTLY HOW I REMEMBERED IT I KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN" but i couldnt actually predict what was going to happen next when my mom asked me. She would say "whats gonna happen next" and i couldnt tell her but as soon as it happened I thought "of course, yes thats exactly what i was trying to remember". A whole hour of this.

but one of my friends had an explanation FOR deja vu that would work with what you are saying. He thought of it like this, you have a dream every single night supposedly. Some you remember some don't. You are bound to every now and then think of something in a dream that will happen in real life. Maybe this isn't actually how deja vu works, itd be pretty crazy for me to dream up an entire movie exactly. Pretty sure deja vu is a case of crossed wires or a lost sense of time. But it could explain what you are describing very well. At some point something you dreamt actually happened just by chance, maybe just for an instant or maybe for a couple of minutes. As the time increases so does the improbability of it.

or maybe we are predicting the future or something. the above is just my semi reasonable explanation I guess.


Yeah anon, it has happened to me ever since I was a kid. Although I'm sort of worried because they are happening more frequently. I hope that doesn't mean that I might die soon.


Deja-vu is, as far as I know, a sort of cross-wiring in the brain. Think of it like this:
You have two pools. One of the pools are small, but colorful water pours in and out of it at extreme speeds. It's like a CPU register. Your current vision, etc.
The other pool is large, and transparent water flows through it very slowly. It is like a hard drive. Your long-term memory.
When you have deja-vu, it's like a hole appearing on the small pool. Part of the colorful water will leak out of this small but fast pool, and leak straight into the large but slow pool. It will paint all the transparent water colorful. This way, you'll have colorful water flow out of both pools, and they are the exact same color. Since the water coming from both pools match, since your memory and your current vision is the exact same thing, you suddenly "remember" that you have seen this before. However, you can't really predict what comes next until it happens, since you need the colorful water from your vision pool to leak out.

Also, my funniest deja-vu's are "recursive", like this: I've seen this. I had seen this and then I realized I had seen this, and then I had told you on chat. I had seen this, that I had seen this and then I realized I had seen this and then I had told you on chat, and now I'm telling you on chat. ...
Something like that. Recursion can usually replaced by cycles, which is a linear thing, well explained by the pools above.