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I am of the belief that we have dreams, more localised journeys through our own mind but sometimes we also leave our locality and travel to spirit realms.
I've had many synchronicities, spiritual phenomena and lucid visions in my life. I want to share them but I dont rly want to be one of these youtube gurus pouring their souls out for the whole world to disseminate. I feel that what I go through is for me and the audience is the spirit world. The events scribed in the pages of eternity. Over the past year or so these visions have led me to revelations which before I would have never believed. Briefly I'll summarise.

>I had a vision I was being ordained as a 14 year old Emperor of Rome, everyone kneeled before me as I was raised on a throne.

>I Found an Emperor this age did exist, he worshipped a Phoenecian god and a large oval shaped black meteorite stone, the object of power at the centre of his temple, attached to a lightning rod.
>His reign and his mother's influence basically brought the downfall of Rome, like an enemy from within.

>Another time I had a vivid vision of being outside King Solomon's temple. A steam powered contraption was used to open the stone door. I had to push it manually and it opened.

>Inside one of the outer chambers I saw a small floating spherical ball, as if lifted magnetically. there was some kind of puzzle to enter the inner sanctum. I knocked the ball on to the ground, there was a feeling of a powerful and scary presence that didnt like this. A Rastafarian friend was with me, he saw a reflection of himself in a mirror and was terrified. I looked to see and saw myself as what looked like a Tibetan monk.
>Since this time Ive seen documentaries of hydraulic powered temple doors in Greece and the floating magnetic balls in Egypt. Ive also learned that Solomon used a black Obsidian mirror to contact spirits. Ive learned of objects of power used at the centre of temples, like the Ark of the Covenant and the Black stone of Emesa, thought to have come from Eden.
>Every night that week I went to a different temple, I think I was in Axom, a great outdoor temple with intricate carved walls, I remember a man showing me a place to get water from as it was hot and dry. The next night I was abseiling down giant pyramid walls in what felt like Thailand. People where jumping off this giant Buddha with a sword into a pool below. The next night I was in Peru and some tribal women there were helping me to create this holographic multidimensional portrait of my life and I was pouring all my good memories into it. The next night I came across this haunted house and a woman asked "who in your tribe deals with such things?" I said "I guess that's me" and had 'a here I go again' feeling as I entered. After that I felt the visions where becoming too much and they stopped, for a while.


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With a sparked interest in the Ark of the Covenant I watched a presentation about it and learnt about monoatomic gold/elements. I learnt that you could buy this online and have been ingesting it since. After this I dreamt I was on Mars, in another time, scaling this large wall/cliff I found a piece of a metorite/monoatomic elements and focusing on it it launched me into space.

The most powerful of all visions, something which ties a lot of this vast mystery all together happened one time and has made as clear as day to me, the origin story of the human race, which before I thought of as probably nonsense. It was as lucid as waking life, even more so...

>A beautiful, mortal or goddess in the flesh was presenting to me a hidden history, like a well versed lecture that had been taught to many before or simultaneously.

>I became one with the consciousness of a great race of god-like beings that travel beyond time and space, inter-dimensional.
>In the physical realm they came to Earth. I witnessed the encounter of a great being seeing the beast like Neanderthal man for the first time, through its eyes, I could feel its repulsion of the creature, a wanting to strike it with some god-like bolt of power. The dream revealed to me as a very real truth that God-like beings came to Earth and created Humans by fusing themselves with the primitive man. I was seeing the Origins of our history
> I was then led to a place in America, maybe Dakota, where a native was showing me great carvings in a cliff along a fault line. They were misaligned, he told me that they were from the world before and when the fault lines moved again, it would be the end of the world as we know it..a new era would emerge.
>I then came back and spent some time with the woman who had been revealing this all to me, we bonded romantically but then I woke up, she felt like a real person, an American who is alive today.

These visions are too much to hold on entirely so I am writing them here. Maybe you understand, maybe you don't but thanks for reading. What strikes me most, apart from the vivid and real nature of them, is that they have shown me things that I was not aware of before, and that I have later verified to be true. I believe that there is great truth to the myths and mysteries of the world, and that if we open our mind, much wisdom will be poured forth into it.