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So i was just talking with some buddies about a dream i had where i experienced EHS (google it) and they started getting extremely uncomfortable and even started making us cry which isnt exactly normal. The dream took place in something that looked like the shit opengl render i posted and then all sound dissapeared and i mean ALL sound. After that i started walking towards the building but it gave off this feeling that by being close to it my life was in danger. so i instead went to read the sign which was in a non english language i couldnt read i am certain that it was the name of the building though. right as the sign started making a sound like a taser going off x30 went off in my head and i saw lots of flshing images and white. i then crumpled to the ground and starteed crying and after about 2 min it stopped and i woke up a few seconds later. This dream happened about a year ago but i still remember it almost perfectly. So i was wondering if it makes other people uncomfortable as well i find visualizing the doors to the building makes a big difference. There was also a lot of tiny details i left out so if theres anything youre wondering just ask.


>sound of a taser x30
Was it your alarm clock? I've heard my clock in my dreams before.


>>2452 No it woke me up before my alarm clock went off.