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Has anyone been really able to define the more nonsensical parts of dreams? I'm not talking about something random that occurs, or something unexpected, but moreso that weird feeling when two things don't match up yet make complete sense when in a dream. That kinda weird things just happens and no question is brought up, and would never make sense even on a basic level. Anyone else get that weird feel?


I get that quite often, after or around the time I wake up.

I don't think it's nonsensical, it's just that it doesn't follow cause and effect. There still is very much a relationship between what was and what is.

It's hard to put to words, and I can't think of examples because I never write anything down, but when reflecting on the progression of events in a dream they often appear very profound to me. There's definitely a "because" involved; events, props, and characters make their appearance because they ought to be there at that particular moment and time, they do what they have to do, and stick around for as long as they can continue to interact meaningfully. If all of these apperances amalgamate to something that doesn't strictly match up, then so be it.

I started to recognise having this pattern where there's something important going on, and requires me to focus on something specific. Then when my focus is no longer required, the larger/overarching event-uality has replaced itself with another goings-on. Specifically one related more to whatever required focus than related to what was happening before.

As for defining things; There's no cause and effect, there's no conservation of energy, everything is, seemingly, as ephemeral as your attention span. It might be possible to express the dreamworld in formal terms or maybe even in maths, but I haven't been able to. Mainly because my dreaming self seems rather busy every time we meet, I rather wouldn't go near lucidity, and I don't have five thousand years of scientific work to build upon like we do for the waking world.


I remember the feeling but not the examples because when things are this weird, you lose the memory soon after waking up. I think it's because the situation doesn't translate into waking reality and therefore never makes the crossing. All you do remember is the feeling.


Sometimes my friends appear in my dreams but they are a bunch of my friends combined into one person. This also happens with places.