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Let's play a game, /zzz/!
You read a dream and post a dream that has any sort of relation to the dream you read.
>I dreamt of an airplane crashing into a jungle
>Well, I dreamt of being in the jungle on a boat
Reply to multiple posters if you find a dream with multiple aspects that are shared, yadda yadda. I made this thread to see if their is a kind of organization to the dream world that may be affected by media rather than just random thoughts in our head with 0 relevance to the real world except for vaguely. I want to see how much of an effect it is and please, if there's something in your dream that doesn't make sense to anyone but you, elaborate for us.


I don't have my IRL dream journal with me but I'll try to give as much info as possible.
>I am a white male, thin, slightly aloof and geeky, light brown hair
>Filming a documentary of China
>my guide is leading me around for the video and takes us to a park where a group of Chinese school children are grouped up, uncannily perfect for the film
>keep in mind, everything has already been filmed and I'm watching/editing the video
>I notice something's wrong and I look up towards a building nearby
>"Holy f-bleep-, that kid's gonna jump!"
>I move with my arms out to catch him
>The kid falls flat on his face, dead already
>I grab him by his hair and I see his face
>Eyes were black and full of dried blood giving more proof he was already dead
>He stands up stiff as a board
>"Well it looks as though we'll be cutting that part out," I hear the camera man mumble
>The Chinese guide just looks shocked but in a "It happens" kind of way