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What's the coolest dream you ever had /zzz/?

mine was >>2556


The one I'm having right now.
Just kidding, I bet I've had better ones.


One where I had a lesbian girlfriend and we were riding on a bike in a city being chased by the cops and then an angel came down and burned everyone to death and we rode into the sunset. There was more to it but I don't have my IRL dream journal with me, just my e-diary. >>1589 See, when I wrote it here, I forgot to add the arabic mafia who were chasing us down in cars and shit.

Another which I have on my e-diary (I just have to find it)


Tske a shower but forgot to turn it ofd and i fell asleep...
Ganster in surburbia
Issues with being seen by the tiwn leader 4he bog guns
Visiting my fam
Friends with a hotell guy by a lake
Another loyal friend with me
A hotdog place gives me a fukken load of lollies
Says they have their hoteogs from the bog guns
Gives us a story wjy
A giirl and her bf are eat candy like candy trees and cake, the hotdpg ppl offrr us some but na
They give us lolies with our names on it, j and hayden
I go to hime but we come out of a tank filled wirh smoke and down synddromw people going into the hotdog place
We walkback to pur homes
I go to the bathroom
My friend comes in and her grey cat then her guy friend
I ge r pissed and tell them to leav3
Then i hit the guy because he's probably a fukken retard
I still keep the cat
I look outside, then i notice the cat is neutered or somethi bg g, and super horny
We go to our room and I mouth fuck my girlfriend with 3 lollies
The cat comes in, we sleep over, she has auburn hair abd teal eyes, white, thick brows
We visit the hotel and stay to get outta the way of the big guns
Then I'm playing a game but it's different to fwt, I've played it before in my dreams, i was on the cave stage
I go up levels with my mc and find a charac whos supposed to be loving a fat asian say i don't give hearts, i break them, the. She looked sad
Anyways, i get two bosses at the end of killing spiders so i ask chat who to use
Then switch
I'm out w/another guy and hé s like doc from bttf
We get com parts
Were in a manaion of another proffessor. Asks me to organize his books for his trip or so
I do it unfin
Me and hayden  (a girl btw) are being actively seeked by the bg
We ask the hotel guy for help says no bc they locked the 3rd floor from us (gansters, big guns minions up above) some gansters are already there and say glad to see more people building the ceiling these two people. A beautiful blonde blue woman and her brown green friend are friendly boaters
They hekp us get across sometimes
we go back
We run around town and then we get drunk and accidentally go towards bg
We immediately go left to the hotel and go across to our guy,, says no can do. Sorry
So she waits i think of going back to town
A girl in her back van black beauty, sees me and squints, she remembers im a crim
She drives off a ramp to the other side but mosses,i was on top of the car
A guy had climbed on top of the bus to help us, he grabs my hand, im holding onto the bus (idk) wpndering what happened to the girl she wasn't screaming or anythong
A beauty indian( grey) woman goes inside the bus she was on top at first
Then he says w/e about the black girl and brings me in
I see the black girl screaming in her van as her car is sinking in the waters
We go and swim out to help her i gueas but were still in disdain at how she didntget out