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How about we collect some rules which seem to hold true for all our dreams in this thread?
Here are some things I wrote down as annotations in my dream diary:

- dream speech: While dreaming I often perceive things as really being said, while rarely the things "said" just pop up in my mind, like telepathy. But in almost all cases I can't write them down in direct speech in my diary, because it feels wrong. I can't remember most of the words exactly, but the meaning of the sentence. There are some cases where I had to think about the exact words in dreams and where I then can remember those words exactly, but not the whole sentence. Sometimes this results in mixing languages in my diary. In a dream today I thought that it might not be a dream while having it, because the voice didn't seem to have any room echo, but I couldn't be convinced and I didn't have this before. But possibly this is always happening, and that is which makes it easy to recognize a dream as a dream and not a memory.

- facts popping up in my mind: like when I view a building and I suddenly know who built it and why. Sometimes when writing down dreams I try to remember who said a fact to me, but I can't and I begin to create fake dreams, like adding a random person on the street explaining the dream government to me, although I just knew the fact suddenly after a certain point of time, without interaction with anyone.

- fake memories: often I think I can vividly remember a past or past dream which, after waking up, I don't think ever happened before in another dream. Basically a very strong Déja-Vu.

- quantum mechanics like world: objects, persons and others change as soon as I shortly don't "look" i.e. think about them, or even while thinking about them. Like a the lamp suddenly standing at another place in the room, I don't even care about that inside the dream.

- one hemisphere dreams: Sometimes when sleeping on my right side and having a dream, I can remember the dream very vividly while not changing my position, but when a turn around to my left side it becomes significantly harder to remember the dream anymore. Turning back to right side makes it easier again. This behavior and the Google dream algorithm made me think, that dreams behave similar to pressure hallucinations in the eyes. When I was a kid and bored in the car, I closed my eyes and began pressing my knuckles into my eyes with varying pressure, resulting in varying noise / kaleidoscope like patterns. I imagine the brain being pressed by gravity to the inner skull depending on which side I am lying in bad, could result in random noise resulting in different random dreams, just like random (pressure induced)noise can produce images in Google dream.

- xenovision: sometimes there seems to be no physical "I" in my dreams. In those cases I seem to follow some person as a non-visible entity and see the same things they see and even know their thoughts, but they don't know my thoughts and they act alone.

- names: When hearing names in dreams I try understand them in dreams, but when trying to remember them for my diary it always feels wrong, no matter how convinced I was before, that it was that name. E.g. "I sit there with a girl (Aiya or something similar was here name) ..."

- spontaneous creativity: This is really rare in my dreams. Normally I only see very few objects at the same time, like only those I do concentrate on. But sometimes suddenly e.g. a whole aerial image of the city pops in my mind with many many details. At that time I tried to remember all those details by looking at them one after another, so it is arguable, whether I really knew the whole city layout suddenly or whether it was developed while looking at it further, see fake memories.


- pseudo free will: I don't really believe in lucid dreams. I had ten or twenty dreams in my life in which I recognized that it was a dream and then began to try to do things I want (like having sex :) ), but after waking up I don't feel like I would have done those things, if I >really< was "awake" in that dream. They only feel like my own free will / lucid dream, because I remember that I have thought so at the time, but not because I really do think so. These occurrences make my doubt my own free will in real life a bit. (There is no-one :) everything is determined by physical laws, we only think we have a free will. The problem appears when we suddenly "wake" up and don't think that anymore.)

- dreaminess: What I really would like to understand is how I can often be quite sure that something was a dream or not. Obviously that is easy for very weird dreams like flying bisons or objects changing at glances. But sometimes I dream very mundane things like downloading a file on my computer, and when I use the computer I remember that, but, not instantaneous, but after a second I am fully sure, that it was only a dream, without having to look whether the file actually exists on my PC. I find this weird. It seems to me that dreams just have a different feeling, like no additional junk information being available, e.g. like how I felt at the moment or what did I wear or did I feel warm or not, I only have the memory of seeing e.g. the download window. Of course normally we also don't actively notice all those junk information around us, but in some form or another they are saved, too, maybe only as a different average noise pattern.


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I have never experienced dream speech. You must have, a lot, to put it first though.

I'd add:
-Real Life Influences: Objects, places, peoples, and actions that were related to real life instances that occurred or were thought of the day before.
-Exclusive Dream Memory: This was joked about in Futurama once. It is when you forget part of a dream and remember it in the next one. Not to be confused with Fake Memories.
-Dream Animals: Animals that exclusively only occur in dreams. They may be demented versions of their real life counterpart or something different altogether.
-Involuntary Shapeshifting: Often times in my dream, I take form of the wrong person, usually a male, but once a siren and a cartoon character.
-Electric Dreams: Electronic influences often have a merged reaity in my dream world. If something is happening in TV, it is happening for real. Like in that movie where the woman pulled a fly out of the TV or that part on Paprika. I can't describe this part well. (pic related)
-Switches: Occurences when dreams switch realities to another dream. Also called layers to some.


i have all of those except for the sleeping on one side thing and spontaneous creativity, at least that ive noticed.

same for these except you can't prove we don't have free will. Stop stating it like its fact, I agreed with that for a really long time and still do on some level. How can you not be sure our purely chemical brains have not created something independent. Or that there isnt some unknown factor we arent considering. You could say there is no reason to think that, but why do our brains which have supposedly evolved for survival (not for solving problems like this or "reason" mind you, but thats a different story anyways) seem to be comfortable with ideas like afterlife, or uploading our consciousness into machines. Doesn't it seem like our thoughts seem to think they can exist without the brain? But whatever right, this is just my brains way of rationalizing my existence so i continue to live, and thats just fact :^ ).


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The list is sorted most recent first. I went through the annotations in my dream diary from top to bottom, that's why.

You're right, I shouldn't have stated the free will thing as a fact, it's just my believe. On a side note, there are some interesting theories like sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140116085105.htm From what I remember back then I imagined it as receiving quantum randomness through microtubules to create a free will, as in not physically predictable by any means. I still hope as a physicist that there exist underlying laws which can explain the quantum randomness, like vacuum fluctuations, even if it would never be possible to know enough data to predict any such quantum random events (like nuclear decay).

- Remembering a dream - visual details vs. chain of events: I'm no artist, nor do I have the time to try to write down every little detail, if it was even possible to put images into words. Longer dreams already take more than 30 minutes to write down, which isn't something I can do every day. But even so, once I've written down the basic events which happened in my dream, I can remember most of the dream world without problems, especially smaller details or the visuals, landscape, ... I find this interesting, because of how easy it is to forget a dream right after sleep, but then how hard it is to forget once written down. In the end remembering a dream seems to me to be about connections. The hardest thing for me to remember and the fastest to forget is the order of events, i.e. what event lead to the next event. Sometimes I even do recall the dream as fully and as fast as possible directly after waking up, but even after doing this many times between waking up and writing it down, it can still happen, that I'm not fast enough with writing it down (as it can take 30 minutes), so that I end up with chunks which I can't sort into the chain of events. It's like puzzling. That's why I have many fillers like "Somehow I end up", "Some time later", ... in my dream log.

- Dream discrepancies: Sometimes it happens that I see something (or at least I remember seeing that something), but I think it to be some different. E.g. I think I'm in my hometown, but what I actually remember seeing at that moment of thought after waking up is the city I study in. Or I remember to be in the geography room, but what I actually saw at that moment was the art room. It's like the circuit for recognition isn't working fully while dreaming. It seems to work to some extent, though, because I don't remember an extreme case, like seeing a flower and thinking it a building.