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Does anyone experience anything like this?

Sometimes, or perhaps a lot of the time, I experience this weird dream-like state after waking up. There isn't a whole lot of consistency in how long it lasts for. It's usually at least around fifteen minutes, though on numerous occasions it has lasted several hours (during which I was going about my day, interacting with people, etc).

I'm not really sure what causes it. I've had vague theories in the past but none have really fit every circumstance too well. Something that fairly consistently does cause it to happen, though, is waking up and going back to sleep and repeating, several times within a short span of time (like if I kept putting off getting ready in the morning). This is especially the case when I was woken up during REM sleep; when this is the case, I usually resume dreaming within seconds of either relaxing enough or trying to go back to sleep.

Every instance, at least initially, involves at least some dream-like delusions or delusional thinking. Sometimes it's just random stuff, believing certain random things, like that there are certain programs running in my head, compiling a particular application, or that certain things will happen if I don't do a particular thing -- it's usually a bit more complicated than that though. Other times the delusional aspect is for more complicated, with everything going on at that moment, and will in the near future, and everyone, being framed within the context of whatever it was I happened to believe. An example that comes to mind is believing I was in a game, SS13, and everything being framed within that, and it colouring my perception of how to achieve certain goals.

This aspect is sometimes the last thing to desist, though it usually gradually becomes more mild, and other times disappears well before other aspects.

There is also quite often, though not always, some degree of visual hallucination and synaesthetic imagery. One of the milder, recurring, examples, involves myself being able to see or perceive (or both) a terminal (in the Unix-like sense) of some sort, quite accurately depicting a real one. Various programs, tying in to the delusional aspect, usually run in it. Their output is quite logical, and largely mirrors what would really happen. Sometimes the hallucination aspect is for more intense -- with a lot of what I see being replaced with trippy imagery, like a cartoonish alien version of what was actually there, for example. At times I have simultaneously perceived this altered world, and the real one.

Sometime there are auditory hallucinations as well, especially with myself hearing people say things completely different to what they actually did, etc.

Of note, is that as far as I can recall, none of this has really ever interfered with me doing anything I otherwise would be, or distracted me too much. It usually ties in pretty well with what I need to do, if anything.

It's pretty weird, and there are a lot of other random details I could share, but I think that's enough to get the general idea. So, yeah... can anyone relate?


Yeah, happens every day I wake up. My thinking makes no sense and some idea gets stuck in my head. It feels kind of similar to that tetris syndrome thing except is upon waking up. Although I dont really get the visuals my imagination and ability to picture things is usually very intense. A lot of the times I can hear music in my head really fucking well and will be thinking of some song that doesnt normally impact me that much and it almost makes me cry because it sounds so good in my head.

Also mildly surprised someone here knows ss13.


Generally, when i wake up i just kind of realize that i am lying in my bed, but i have no real control over my mind and i just kind of mentally drift around aimlessly until i regain mental stability.