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I cant for the life of me sleep on my back. I just cant.
No matter now long I lie there with my eyes closed I just cant fall asleep. I always end up lying on my side.
Why is this?
Anybody else experience this?
What is your preferred sleeping position?


I usually fall asleep on my side. I try to reposition myself in atypical ways when I get briefly awoken and have a few moments of conciousness.


I have this problem, too. I read that it has something to do with sleep apnea.


yes. I was annoyed about it too, because I've heard sleeping on one's back is healthier. Then I read an article saying sleeping on the side is healthier, and decided to say fuck it and sleep however I want.
I sleep in the "recovery position": my left foot on my right knee, arms wrapped around a pillow or significant other by my head.


Makes my shoulder hurt. I wanna be strapped down. Would be one benefit of not having arms I suppose


I can't because it makes me snore and the sound or feeling of that wakes me up. I also remember reading that sleeping on your back gives you more intense dreams which seemed true when I was younger, before this snoring problem affected me.

Besides, the cat likes to lay on me at night and if I lay on my back he'd just step on my nuts and/or belly.

My dad had that, he even had to get a machine in his bedroom to keep him breathing regular. He went to one of those sleep clinics where you spend the night under diagnostic instruments and they said he went as long as 90 seconds without breathing.


Used to almost always sleep on my side when I was younger. These past few years though, I can only sleep on my back for some reason. When I try to sleep on my side it starts hurting after a few mins... is something wrong with me?


I have it worse, I can only sleep on my stomach. I started sleeping hugging my pillow imagining I was cuddling someone with my head on their chest (i'm so lonely) a few times, many years ago, and now I cant sleep unless i'm face down like the rightmost OP pic


Same here. I believe the posture actually inhibits proper respiration, making myself more tired due to the lack of oxygen and helping me to wind down a bit. I can't sleep on my back as well.

One day I woke up with my bed full of vomit. The evening before I had drunk myself into unconsciousness and were glad to automatically had chosen a save sleeping position.


I don't understand how people can sleep belly down. My spine feels curved in a bad way immediately when I lie that way. My ex always slept like this with her arms folded when she wasn't cuddled into me. I can't imagine how she did this; her tits were huge and it looked so uncomfortable.


If you have trouble sleeping on your back, try putting something under your knees.

I usually sleep like that too.


I'm pretty much exactly the middle option


I have a hard time falling asleep on my back, but it happens when I'm tired. Otherwise I sleep in whatever position. I noticed that I spend a lot more time on my right side than my left side, it feels more comfortable for whatever reason. I guess it's because my spine is curvy in more ways than it should be.


I tend to do the sleep hug thing


I can't fall asleep on my back either. I always wake up on it though. Sometimes I'll tuck my hands behind my head while sleeping on my back. This is bad because it makes upper back stiff when I wake up. Thank fuarrrk for benzos.


I sleep on my stomach like >>2701 and presumably OP, however, I can also fall asleep on my back, but only if I'm trying to sleep somewhere that isn't my home. In recent memory, the only times I could fall asleep on my back were during flights and at a resort, all other times if I'm on my back or on my side then I will not fall asleep no matter what. According to my parents, this is something that I've been doing since I was a baby, I wonder if there's some genetic thing going on here?


Similar, though I often switch between resting upper-body from left to right and vice-versa. Looking back, I've been seeming to have really odd dreams after a few years sleeping as such on a couch. Can't say if it's related, however


I've been sleeping like the rightmost in OPs pic for as long as I can remember, only with one arm under the pillow. Can't sleep on my back at all, and while I lay on my side, after I while I just go back to my default stomachsleeping.


I fall asleep on my side.I also keep a pillow between my legs to keep my body relaxed.


Curled up with head resting on aftarm, and i never know where to put the other one. Sometimes i wake up with pain in my shoulder.

I tried this posture exercise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTV6UCh-yhs) a few months ago and felt comfortable sleeping on my back immediately after, but i did not continue to do so. It also stopped feeling significantly better over the time i used it.


I always try to sleep on my stomach- if I sleep on my back I nearly always have a night terror after falling asleep, if not menacing sleep paralysis beforehand. Sometimes I'll be unable to sleep unless I lie on my back though, recently I've been thinking it's a subconscious effort to have a night terror experience because they're always really emotionally agitating.


jam your head between 2 pillows to lie on your back. Head on matress. You may roll over, you may not


Pretty much always in fetal position, although trying to sleep with headphones on taught me to fall asleep on my back. It's comfy, but the fear of waking up some night to see demons again stops me from doing it much.


That's the fear, it gets so bad that I had to sleep during the day for a while