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After many years of lifestyle change, studying, and practice- I can leave my body with a high margin of success.

Ask me anything


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how do you leave your body? lucid dreaming?




Dreams, Lucid Dreams, OBE, day dreaming, imagination, etc.

All fingers on the same hand, the only difference is your beliefs about them, your "entry point" and degree of partitioning of your awareness.

The classic OBE of laying down and separating a spirit from a physical shell is more or less due to a belief that is what one needs to do.

In a more pure sense you shut out incoming data from your senses, and more your awareness to other inputs of data. The various sensations that come along with it (feeling of falling, rushing forward, vibrations, sleep paralysis, etc) are more or less artifacts of swiching data streams.

Think of reality as being information based, and all these others "realms" are just different data inputs into a conscious awareness.

My technique is more or less like turning the dial on a radio, most of experience this station, and the static of the various stations around this frequency as the knob bobs back and forth (being unfocused, caught up in day to to day troubles, anxieties, fears), but clearing those out, and focusing your intention of clearly changing to a different strong signal will bear results eventually with enough work and dedication. Merely changing your perception on these things almost allows them to happen more freely.


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It's interesting that you can just 'turn a knob' and seperate yourself. Were you able to do this from the getgo? or did it take lots of training through lucid dreaming etc.?


It depends on a lot of variables. One big one I noticed is diet- Most of what we consume has a psychotropic effect on us, we are really inundated with sugars(artificial too), preservatives, chemicals, colors, etc. On top of that our modern society has our minds constantly racing and going in all sorts of directions.

The big thing to learn how to do is be able to calm the mind. I started(and still do this) I come up with some sort of nonsensical ringing phrase, like a mantra, and repeat it while in a calm setting- sitting up, or laying down. anything ringing like ahhhhhh raaaaaammmmm, which serves as a focal point for your awareness. You will notice your mind wandering and you just bring it back to the focal point. You begin to be able to shut off auxiliary thoughts.

Do this at least twice daily, for about 20-30 minutes. You then practice it standing up, sitting with eyes open, then while walking down the street. Just like working out a muscle you strengthen your focus by adding more weight. Eventually you do it while driving, while talking to people, etc.

Once your you instantly clear your mind, and hit "point consciousness" you essentially query a database, but the results you get back arent webpages, its full blown experience, sound, color, emotion, pain, everything. it is a very dynamic and precise system, so a clear focus is essentially. If your awareness is fragmented, you get fragmented results, hence why most peoples dreams are strange and fragmented, often frightening experiences.

Heading out for a bit, will respond later tonight.


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appreciate the tips. thank you


What are these other stations/"realms"? How do you "listen" to them, without sensory organs?


They are simply other realities, with different sets of constraints on conscious awareness. You do not need sensory organs because sensory organs are just the constraints with which we have to interpret data from in this reality. When in non-physical realms it is more or less your consciousness processing raw data, which is why it is so important to have your awareness unfragmented, otherwise it will throw you around, and be extremely confusing.


To add, when interpreting in non-physical realms you use media you have gathered from your own life experiences to conceptualize the data. So since we have been incarnated in this earth experience, or physical realities with similar constraints(when you look at other physical realities there is a lot of continuity because these constraints work well for a number of reasons) which is much at a kinder garden level. So when we experience data in the non-physical it gets a "physical" wrapper on it so we can properly and effectively interpret.

Sorry If I am not making too much sense, it is difficult to explain in words if you dont do it often, a lot of these things go unsaid on my part in day to day life. It is great to be able to "go other places" but it is also important to be integrated and engaged in this realm, and society. Most of the people truly talented at this stuff will never say anything, you probably walk past 100s of people a week out in the public that can do it.

I usually save it for anonymous discussion, it preserves the necessary uncertainty that must remain in psi-phenomenon to keep the integrity of this reality intact for those who are not ready to explore.


Are you clairvoyant? Can you get information on our world without using your senses?



I wouldn't call myself a clairvoyant. But yes, you can get information, you can have lots of experience. You can meet various types of other beings, and you can meet them again, and again, develop relationships, friendships, enemies, etc.

Getting information about the future is difficult, you can get distributions of probability, some things probability is very high, almost certain, but there is always room for things to change. So looking into the future is rather pointless.

Looking for data, while fueled by fear and ego is never good either. Looking to the past, however is much easier. There are tons of databases- basically there is the actualized past, and un-actualized. Actualized being the path through the web of possibilities that actually happened. The un-actualized is all the what-ifs. Which are usually kept because you can go back through them, experience them in dream like scenarios and grow from them. Querying these databases takes a very clear consciousness, and a sharply focused intent.




How does astral travel compare to shamanic journey into middle world?

And why would you do traveling in the first place instead of training to get past it?


Could you give us some experience you had? Maybe some stories of your first outer body experiences?


Isn't this just something you're able to imagine after a lot of training, like a tulpa?



The best metaphor I have for a Shamanic Journey is like watching a movie of someone climbing a mountain, and then claiming that it was just as good as climbing it. Sure you can see the scenery on your TV, without taking the necessary steps to be able to travel, climb, etc, but it is not the real experience.

I am not sure what you mean by your second question?


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Yes, I could share a lot. Usually the only benefit to sharing is it is a good hook to get people interested.

>im awake after a few hours of sleep

>I can sense my body, like lying with my eyes closed
>sense of great expanse in the blackness
>A vibratory sensation begins
>Sensation of my physical body is melted away by the vibrations growing intensity
>You've messed this up before
> dont mess it up
> dont get too excited let the vibrations grow
>The intensity grows to a crescendo
>White fills the black void
>vibrations stop
>sensation of movement forward, into the white
>feeling of wind, coolness in the expanse
>everything is black again
>sensation of movement still, sensation of large expanse
>awareness, feeling of touching things off in the void
> points of light bleed into my vision as I pass them
> like stars
> traveling far, being pulled
>Come to large looking celestial body
>it has awareness
> looks like a dull colored gas giant
> feel love
>sensation of movement, everything black
>return behind eyelids
>open eyes
> be in my room

The experiences are hard to serialize and liniate. It is like paragraphs of data at once, instead of having to experience it all linearly, lots of emotions, emotions speak volumes



Always remain skeptical that it may be imagination. In your journeys you will definitely encounter information that could not have previously been within your mind. You get verification.

Perfect example from one of mine-

I keep to myself about this usually, especially in the public eye. If I see an opportunity to help someone I do, especially my friends. I often go to anonymous places to talk, teach, I have even done healing for anyone who was having trouble with certain things. The uncertainty of anonymity allows you to do a lot in regards to paranormal activity.

>Spend the night jumping from experience to experience

>each one I encounter an entity or person that is in some need of help
>usually "earth" looking places
>weird foliage and physics
>after I help someone I phase to the next, like changing scenes in a movie
>Come to someone I know from earth
>He is in a crumby room
>freaking out about something
>I try to calm him down, he attacks me
>I subdue him
>long emotional rollercoaster and he is calm
>be examining foliage, really weird flower with a cattail like clear bulb coming out, with what looked like an incent stick in it
>Tell myself I try to find a similar looking flower on the internet when I get back to my body
>wake up
>go to laptop 10 minutes later checking facebook
>person from dream messages me
>said he had the craziest dream with me
>ask him what happened before I tell him my part
>says a skyscraper like craft was crashing through the atmosphere and he was freaking out, said I wouldnt listen and he became hysterical
>Have an aha moment of verification
>He doesnt know I do this, more like a friend of friends association



You know… Go past mind / travel past form /sense perception/mind perception?

And your insult to shamanism is hypocritical towards your own ego. Just because you practice certain kind of practice that ultimately leads to the [same]some kind of inter-dependent projections. You set your mind on chain of sense perceptions and you will get them. A more masterful practitioner, instead of focusing on crude sense pleasures would go higher - to dimension of infinite consciousness.



Spoken like a true shaman.

I was not intending to insult shamanism. I was merely speaking from my own personal experiences, which lies in both paths.

Drugs are a crutch you'll have to eventually let go to continue walking off the beaten path.

Nothing wrong with using them as a starter, most need it in fact. But as I said eventually it hinders more than helps.



210 bpm (drum)
white noise (rattle)

those are the 'drugs' of shamans who don't puke a lot.

shaman does not need no special moments or fighting with getting dull or excited. He listens in the sound until hes in a trance where the outside sound is not perceivable.



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What can you say about your diet?

Have you any books to suggest for people willing to dive in this subject?


It became clear early on that my diet greatly effected my ability to clearly interpret what was happening, and my ability to be aware of subtle changes in my awareness. It does the same to your physical awareness. Although these experiences are outside the constraints of your brain, while incarnated it acts as a home base, so upon returning your experiences are filtered back through the brain. The image that comes to mind is like high speed internet getting sent through an outdated router.

My diet consists of mostly raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, rice, legumes, quinoa. I stay away from meat, most dairy if it can be avoided, chemical preservatives, chemical additives, and ANY sort of added or artificial sugar. I'm talking even the most organic if organic cane sugar. Sugar seems to be the biggest culprit, the brain is extremely sensitive to spikes and drops thus making "waves" in the mind so to speak.

Caffeine has a negative effect as well, but not nearly as strong as sugar. I could write a lot on the subject, the hows and why's, but that is what I've come to find, and well as others I associate with.



That is interesting. I eat everything, if its food grown. That includes meat, eggs, sugar (cakes), vegetables, teas, coffee, etc, etc, only watching out for some chemistry. And if i'm practicing regularly, i can enter any travel on-demand, given silent environment. Only thing is that i eat 0-1 times a day and everything at once and then forget it, maybe just get tea or coffee, kako or what not drink, but there is going to be 0-1 single meal a day and thats it. It might happen that the meal is simply complete cooked chicken and thats it. If time comes i feel i need to eat something like some vegetables, or eat peas or whatever, ill just eat them. That is also a 'diet', but it's not the fearful one, its 'i perceive what i need to eat' one.


care to expand on what you've learned about diet? I'm interested in this sort of stuff



The brains energy source is glucose of course. Our bodies adapted to break down carbohydrates into glucose. Our body and brain especially is very sensitive to glucose. So anything with added sugars tends to create a huge spike, the body works hard to bring it down. Then you have this sort of rippling effect of up and down. The larger cycle can last weeks. Most of the time you wouldnt notice it too bad, but we have been eating it since childhood continuously. So once you cut it out, it takes about 6 months for the big cycle to end, your experiences become much more clear, your interpretations are less all over the place. Of course balancing the rest of the body according the the physical constraints that we are forced to take part in plays a massive role in it as well. As I stated, this is because upon returning all the data is filtered through the constraints.


This is all just astral projection there are many books on this topic.
Here is a detailed guide if you want to project at will.


Fringe essentials > Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

If you are interested in what fringe is then follow the link below.


The rabbit hole is deeper than just this.



I am not really here for a pissing contest; To compete with someone on "how far is far", or where this rabbit hole starts and ends.

I've put in the work, and the time, and things are happening. I'm not reading them and repeating them, they are my own. I can help, I can answer some questions; and that is my goal.


go away back to your soykafhole and don't come back


fringe girl
Hermes Trismegistus

it is wonderful to see how a brain that needs to do little to sustain itself can make up huge and coherent systems of bullsoykaf. i'm not even gonna call names here, i am just fascinated by the fantasy of some people… it is indeed magical


>Eventually you do it while driving
>while driving


Somewhat experienced bullsoykaf practitioner here. I get cringes from fringe. Place is a mess and reflects most of the things I hate in the arts.

While driving.
If you take the time to develop your concentration to a certain point, you can do two things at the same time, given that one of them is mechanical. Like talking on the phone with someone else.
While we're at it, I don't think it's good to do this while driving. If you're waiting for something, that's fine. Maybe while you're in some desert highway.


Is your name Piere?


what is this fell?


nice get


> I come up with some sort of nonsensical ringing phrase, like a mantra, and repeat it while in a calm setting- sitting up, or laying down. anything ringing like ahhhhhh raaaaaammmmm, which serves as a focal point for your awareness. You will notice your mind wandering and you just bring it back to the focal point. You begin to be able to shut off auxiliary thoughts.

You can do this with breath too, this is basically mindfulness mediation, focus on breath or mental mantra.


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What you describe seems to be the "phase shift" model or approach to ideas of astral projection/OBE.

In that you never actually "leave" your body, you shift awareness of focus levels of consciousness, from the physical reality -you laying in your bed, to realities slightly above that - the blank space behind your eyelids that feels like it surrounds you mentioned here >>364 and onwards another level of focus to the OBE, lucid dream and astral projection stages which are each separate focus levels of consciousness that you "hone in" on by focused intent like you describe.

Still I'm jelly, you actually managed to achieve these things. Have you been able to observe your immediate outside environment in an OBE and then when you woke up or shifted back to this reality been able to verify the images you've seen firsthand outside, without having seem them in reality beforehand?

>sense of great expanse in the blackness
>A vibratory sensation begins
>Sensation of my physical body is melted away by the vibrations growing intensity
>You've messed this up before
>dont mess it up
>dont get too excited let the vibrations grow
>The intensity grows to a crescendo

Sadly this is far as I've been able to personally go. I get too spooked and freaked out by whats happening and force myself out or get too excited and the sensations stop because I don't focus and calm down.

Other times I started drifting into a WILD out of nowhere - into a conscious lucid dream that I could hear and see develop around me, but the experience was so real, so sudden and so out of my control that I panicked and forced myself out of it, with instant regret doing so afterwards.


>Still I'm jelly, you actually managed to achieve these things.



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n-no bully, I just had some setbacks for years, that's all.


lighten up, man. i wasn't being all that serious. no need to throw the "b" word around


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No worries m8


mm I can do most of this, lately I've been experiencing the sensation that waking reality and that of dreams are actually inseparable.

If you aren't writing your travels down i.e to share with your peers, what is the purpose of even traveling?

I'm rewriting the Theraveda, I'll have to include some kind of 'Lucidity' instructional...