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there is a condition recently termed 'aphantasia' where you cannot visualize or see things using your imagination.

does anyone else have this? i have it, but i'm still able to dream. i'm just unable to 'see things', daydream, or imagine anything, etc through conscious effort while i'm awake.

i know what it's like to imagine or visualize things though, it happens before i drift off to sleep, my thoughts get formed in my head and i get this sudden 'picture' of stuff as i think of things. this never occurs while i'm awake though. i still can't believe people can visualize things in their everyday lives, it just seems incredibly useful like a superpower.

i think because i cannot see things when i'm awake, i deeply value my dreams. i have kept a dream journal for several years and have great dream recall ability, but i'm rarely ever able to realize i'm dreaming and achieve lucid dreams, or control my dreams. recently though i awoke from a dream, but i was still dreaming.

i used to meditate with earplugs in the dark, but because i cannot visualize things it's just an emptiness and so after a while the lack of anything drives me crazy. i tried doing this and some other methods to train myself to realize i was falling asleep and enter lucidity, but it never worked. i usually got nice dreams as a result of the focus and concentration though.

my question is for anyone who literally cannot imagine or visualize things like me, i want to know if you have trained to get regular lucid dreams and how you did so, or even if they occur naturally on their own for you often. thanks.


Aphantasia is incredibly interesting to me. One thing I read about is that people with aphantasia can still recall things like the number of windows in their house, without using mental imagery. I believe most "normal" people do not have the number of windows in their house memorized by rote, and would have to briefly take a visual tour of various rooms in their house to count the number of windows before answering.

How do you personally do it? Are us normies using visualization as a mental crutch for certain things that we should be able to do in other ways?

Another note: The recent discovery of this thing brings up a lot of questions. Namely, what other differences are there between people that nobody realizes because we all assume everyone functions similarly to ourselves?


i do a tour of my house, but its not visual. its kind of a spatial feeling, as in i imagine im in a certain room and i can think of the window

this kind of spatial nonvisual imagination is really all i have, i van imagine movement and flowing sensations and my bodyparts moving around and touch somewhat, but its always as though im blindfolded. if i were to blindfold you and asked you to navigate to the windows, you could feel your way around probably. its that sort of feeling that i have when i think of stuff