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What was the last dream you had that was genuinely pleasant? At least, pleasant by your standards.


But I another I really enjoyed was:
27th May, 2016
I remember being outside at night, the streetlights casted a black shadow everywhere with dark teal outlines everywhere too. I was a guy, and my friends were there. We ate pizza.
I don't have any friends so I don't know what I meant here.



Linked because /zzz/ was never about hard work


Woke up from a dream this morning where I was a character in a CGI animated series. I was a policeman working in space, on my first day at a new post. We visited some space stations and talked to different "people" some of which were aliens that would look right at home in Star Wars. My partner and superior officer by one rank was a bit of a moron and had no idea how stupid she looked to the public. It was quite a funny show, one would that get cancelled after 9 episodes because it was too weird and then have a cult following for years.

The art was sparse and had lots of black backgrounds. Like black was just the canvas for the other things (uh, like the board style on Lainchan I'm looking at in a certain way). It was cool looking.

This happened because I'm sick, slightly feverish, and watched about ten episodes of Star Wars Rebels before bed.


Was jumping through time in this one dream, seeing this one area develop over the years

Sorry, can't really remember anything else


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Now than you mention it I don't remember.

Thanks for that.


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There is a house in my neighborhood, where I leave bike when need to take a bus. Mother told me that there lives crippled or mental ill kid, never saw him but his family seems like really good people, but tired of everyday life.
I am frequently coming back to this place in my dreams, house is a bit different but location and environment stays the same. People are different too. 30+ lovely couple, no kids at first. Woman fit my tastes way too good, she is my dream character after all. In my first dream about this house I did everything to spend more time with her, even if that was really weird for them to have this lad from neighborhood over. Even sneaked and observe her few times. Really realistic dreams, but last one was unlike. The house just didn't feel like usual, I remember even perspective was a bit off. I think I saw couple cuddling and didn't want to disturb, so I went upstairs. There were many bras on stairs and I tripped. Taking advantage of the opportunity I looked closer at them. When I looked up I saw girl around my age, she said something "funny and intelligent" about what she sees. It made me laugh when I woke up, but couldn't remember the joke. She was great, literally dream girl. We didn't interact too much, but it was really heartwarming.