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Sometimes, when I'm too tired to write down a dream I had I try to scribble down some quick keywords of the dream in hopes that I remember layer

Generally these notes make no fucking sense

Example from last night:

Do any of you fellas do this?


Yes, but generally I try to relive my dreams one time in short in order to refresh it, only then I normally begin writing it down, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for writing. One such time was this:

>11:01 22.07.2015

> Oma Kleingarten, Geburtstag von Gauss Seidel. Packe Rester ein

But because I relived it before writing done the words I actually can remember some of the scenery and actions.


You from Germany, anon?

I'm in Hessen right now


I have very vivid dreams every night. things portrayed by my wildest fantasies.

Regularly I get sleep paralysis and have minor control over my dreams although when that happens im not in a mental mindset to fully understand what is happening. It's quite uncomfortable.

I remember dreams from years ago, 5 years ago, or more.

I never write them down. I'm just lazy and find it highly difficult to express what happened so I don't.

It's a lot of effort.


Yeah I do this. It helps. I'll write the most important dream down, as in the one I really want to remember, and then come back to the keywords and try to remember what I can.


Yes, I'm from Saxony.


I used to scribble key symbols with a pencil directly on my bed, so I don't need to move more than my right arm, because you forget your dreams fast if you move.

>long roof
>ghost knight