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I had two nightmares in a semi-coherent stream.

The first dream felt around four hours long, with the first three being many quick vignettes of very stressful situations. The final hour placed me in a mountainous desert, very similar to parts of New Mexico's Florida Mountains. After walking though very familiar desert I found myself in a flat pine barren filled with dead or dying trees, and a ground covered in loose dust. The dead trees gave way to dark green trees, and later more uneven ground, leaving me in a forest similar to Gila National Park in New Mexico.

As usual in my dreams, this atmosphere was retained when my stream of consciousness was suddenly placed on a black asphalt road in what struck me as the same forest. I was standing near a shiny black and chrome object that I recognized as a car, then a figure inside the object noticed me and drove away. "Noticing" me included implanting the outcome of a statement in my head, which I understood as the figure leaving me there for something or someone it knows. The road ahead me turned softly into the trees, and a smaller road the size of a sidewalk extended perpendicular to the wider road. I walked down the smaller road, which was suddenly rain-slick without it having rained. It felt very cold and humid. To my either side were two rows of trees placed equidistant from each other, with the second row placed between and slightly beyond the inner row, creating a staggered formation concealing the fields beyond them.



From my right side came two figures from the trees. One was a five or so foot figure slightly shorter than me, with a hunched back and ears like pitcher plants. He had someone/thing else with him; a "man" with a short, fat torso, and limbs that seemed atrophied dangling where you'd expect limbs to be. I could not see a head, only a black stump of burned flesh where one would be. He was dragged by his cohort by a rope tied across his fat chest. The hunched creature said they were paid to "deal with me", whatever that meant. I was stricken with paralysis and fell to the ground, then I woke up immediately.

Once awake, I splashed my face with water, drank some, and had a piece of French bread before returning to sleep. I was far too tired to go about my day.

The second dream was again, many quick vignettes of terribly uneasy memories. It felt around six hours total, with the final thirty minutes being back in the forest with the two creatures, just before I left them. I was walking down the small road again in a replay of my last dream. The same pitcher-eared creature walked up to me, dragging the other one behind him. He approached me in a much calmer fashion than before, getting close enough for me to see how terribly painful their physical afflictions must be. Here I realized that they were once something else. The pitcher-eared one said that they were paid more to protect me, and that someone outbid their services. They spoke as if knowing where we left off, and that we were going through the motions identically.

I woke up just as tired as I was, and didn't go back to sleep. The second dream had only been three hours.

I need to find a way to calm down my dreams. I'm so tired all the time. All of my dreams have this grotesque atmosphere of terrible, unreal things, and sorrowful feelings of unimaginable weight. I'll post one from a few months ago to show more of it. I don't know much about the relevancy of dreams to the waking world, but I'm sure some of you might.



It felt like at least five hours. I was submerged in murky water, surrounded by two kinds of particles from what I perceived as two separate sources. There were clumps of short, rough hair, and globs of embalming fluid from a taxidermied, long dead primate that struck me as more of a statue than a corpse. The other particles were wing membranes and carapace fragments from large patches of dead, floating beetles. I wasn’t drowning, but to stay alive I had to keep absolutely still and keep the water, and its debris, flowing into my mouth and out of some sort of filter on my back. Clean water exited there, and the debris stayed in me. I woke up covered in a lot more sweat than usual, and felt like I was wrapped in something tight for a very long time. I looked at my phone and only two hours passed. I went into the bathroom and threw up, because I had very bad heartburn from my GERD. I took my heartburn medicine and took a shower as I brushed my teeth vigorously.

My whole life has been filled with extreme body trauma. I'm sure that has something to do with the body horror in my dreams.


not sure what to make of all of that, lain


Do you keep a dream diary?

I found that doing so has positive effects.
As dreams become something you try to remember in order to note it down, it gives you a more objective point of view and nightmares loose their horror.

If you like drawing you could also take inspiration from them, those dreams actually provide pretty cool ideas.