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How does /drg/ affect your /zzz/?


I take melatonin when I want to get to sleep faster, aside from that nothing else really.


I dream more when I sleep high, but the dreams are more vague and harder to remember


I thought melatonin increased the frequency and made your dreams more vivid.


After a while from not getting high (weed) my waifu gets insanely vivid dreams. Today I was in some japanese-esque hotel running around saving everyone from something (not sure what) until I noticed I was in a dream and then looked up and noticed the moon and thought to myself "wow my mind on its own created that dope as moon" so I picked my legs up and just started floating while observing the moon and started making it get bigger and bigger.

When I realize I'm in a dream like this it furthers my belief that this life now can (and probably is) a "dream" created from a dmt trip from my mind right before I died in a past life.


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As a mild dissociative, deliriant and alcohol user they made my dreams more sexual. Ever other dream I have had sexual intercourse involved in some way sometimes to the point that it shakes me awake.

One dream I had that really sticks out was when I was shaken awake by orgasmic screams I heard while I was dreaming and when I awoke I still heard them for a second or two.

Pretty bizarre stuff.


from my experience it does - it's sold as a natural sleep aid, maybe it facilitates faster REM sleep?


Thank god a new post.

I wish more people were into this. Lucid dreams are the final form of creative entertainment that the government can't hack into.



Its a documented phenomenon that weed suppresses REM sleep and continual use will cause REM rebound which can manifest as more vivid and longer dreams


The kind of thing leafly wont tell you.
After alcohol i hardly dream. But i wake up with harder hardons.
After weed i sleep more easily, but dreams are harder to remember, and more vague/nebulous like lainon pointed out earlier.
After ecstasy sleeping is hard, but once the amphetamine component is off, the md component gives me cute, tender dreams, often sexual and generally physical. The hug-the-pillow type.


nice way to look at it lainon

i suppose that it depends on the /drg/ and on the person
shall we experiment with different moods and /drg/s then report back?


this is interesting


fermented blue skate fish oil gives you mad vivid dreams...now what did I dream last night? Itll probably come back to me randomly.


omg I member..I found a black bird or crow, maybe a spirit animal. I picked it up with my hands, it was a bit scared at first and then calmed down. I could feel it physically with my hands, and even feel its heart beating, almost like a purring cat.


Cannot remember my dreams at all.

>Valerian root

This doesn't seem to increase the frequency of dreams, but it makes the ones you remember WAY more vivid.


I am addicted to this stuff. I have been taking it every night for several years. I honestly can't tell you how it affects my dreams because I can't remember what they were like before melatonin.
Sometimes my dreams are hazy and fragmented. Other times they're long and somewhat vivid.


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Seroquel seems to be a very powerful dream potentiator (it's even cited as one on psychonaut wiki). That being said I definitely would not recommend taking a heavy antipsychotic for recreational purposes. I'm only reporting on my experiences because it's relevant to the topic. Most of my dreams are pretty disturbing and terrifying so coming off of it was actually pleasant.


200-250mg of benedryll tends to give me really, really vivid but mundane dreams. it's so easy to think that they actually happened the day before. nothing really ever fun though