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I finally got a gf, then i woke up


damn dude.


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i used to get these really surreal dreams where i would sit next to this one girl. all we would do is sit together somewhere, like a misty train station bench or a foggy pier. she was pretty and very thin, she kinda looked like holo but without the wolf ears and such, but i dont think i ever actually saw her face. neither of us said anything, all the sounds were just birds or waves lapping on the shore. these were some of the most calming dreams i have ever had, i would be pretty eager to go to sleep so i could be with her. it was weird but i was in a really dark place and was starting to drink to much to pass the time. I would wake up feeling distressed, like something had been taken from me. these dreams continued for about 2 months, just me and her sitting contentedly and just watching things move by. There was this one dream though where she stood up and got onto a train, i still couldn't really see her face but she began to turn before the doors closed and i could see she was crying. The very next dream i stood alone in front of a grave on a hill with a young oak tree, again like the other dreams i dont move or talk but it was really distressing. After that i dont think i slept at all for like 3 days, i was a absolute wreck for a while.
the only other dreams i ever remember are when im dressed as a clown and everyone laughs at me while i try to hide from them. i really hate those dreams.
sorry for long blog post.
tl;dr i know that feel op, i know it harder than most anyone could ever imagine. the only thing that helped me with these feels were atmospheric black metal and walking 8 miles a day.


Same here. I can't score in my dreams. I always get laughed at or otherwise rejected.
My brain is trying to kill me.


That was a beautiful read lain. The content collides with all I thought I knew about how dreams work.
Sometimes my brain makes up a perfect girl and puts her as a dream character but I don't have a recurring one.
I know it's out of place, but can you tell what bands were that black metal you mentioned?


well thanks i guess, i dont normally talk about my dreams cause im afraid people will think less of me somehow. i think whoever she was she really grounded me when i was at my worst.
i was listening to a lot of leviathan and burzum but i have a fairly large list of stuff i like. i would check out a diadem for dead stars, caladan brood, harikari for the sky, an autumn for crippled children, zuriaake and other such things.
check out this youtube channel, its this one guy who has all these artists send him their stuff so he can post links to their band camps and websites. he has a lot of their side projects to like hiki, and city of dawn. which are all splendid. i use city of dawn a lot as dream music, i also like falling asleep listening to a silhouette in splinters, which is a leviathan album.


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I've had a few of these dreams, they're even worse if you know the girl.
I'm, in a pretty bad state when I wake up usually.


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A dream I've had a few times is going out canoeing with 3 friends (me two girls and a guy) to a small island I know in the middle of a loch. There we have a fire, drink, talk, horse play and eventual split into pairs to watch the sun set.

100% comfy, 100% achievable if your not an ani-social cretin like me.


>Sometimes my brain makes up a perfect girl and puts her as a dream character but I don't have a recurring one.
My brain doesn't have to invent a perfect girl. I know she exists and I haven't seen her in 6 years, and she stopped replying to my messages I think because the geographical distance made her sad. Just as I'm getting over her, she shows up in a dream once more and I wake up feeling a terrible loneliness.

Some of these dreams are happy. In others she doesn't love me anymore, and not only that but has new friends and doesn't need me as one anymore. You know what though, it's the happy ones that are the hardest to recover from. I wish and wish I could just go back to sleep and be with her forever.


>i dont normally talk about my dreams cause im afraid people will think less of me somehow.
Some might, some won't. Don't bring it up out of the blue, but some people go through very moving experiences in dreams and nightmares are a common thing and an actual problem for some, so they will relate.
Thanks for the music, city of dawn is great so far.

Happened to me too, but only once or twice.
>geographical distance
Go see her, it's not crazy if it's been 6 years and you're still thinking about her. Just go.


I can't visit her country anymore, and if she wanted to visit mine I'd probably have to send her the money because she's never had any to spare in her whole life (which is what I had to do the last time). That's a bit awkward to suggest when she is out of communication. She's got to have moved on and found someone new by now. It feels a bit too fairy tale to expect her to still be interested; when people waited years and years to be reunited with loved ones during wars and so on in the past, they didn't have email and in some cases, they were entirely missing or in hiding for that period of time. If she wanted to see me again she'd contact me and say so.


I recently dreamed that I was walking around my old school with my dakimakura surrounded by other alumni. As I notice the dakimakura in my hand I get emberassed and try to get home as unseen as possible.

^ I don't even dream about real girlfriends anymore.


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sounds like a buddy i have who only dreams about trying to find D&D groups to play with. i hope it gets better for you.


why don't you play with him? sounds like he's dropping a pretty obvious hint.


hes a really unpleasant person to play games with. he plays Drizzt like characters with less personality. which is why he can only find people to play with in his own mind.


fair enough.


You seem to have spent enought time on this subject. Here's an A-
Study something else now! Go!


>tfw you kiss a girl but really you're just sucking on your lip

or at least that's what it felt like within the dream


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absolutely soul destroying, feels so real.



>Know the girl of your dreams

>She dump you
>Cry like a baby
>Wake up, then realize that it was just a dream
>Cry like a baby because nobody love you even in your dreams

Someday someone we will love us OP


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Sometimes I have those periods when I don't feel anything at all until a dream like this comes and things go back to usual misery.
So, I had one of those dreams 2 days ago. I don't do anything anymore, I don't even browse imageboards but it made me feel so shitty i almost had to come back looking for cheap comfort here, and I saw this thread. Strange coincidence.

My dreams usually don't make sense. Random out of context stuff that shifts all the time, resembles tv channel surfing. Most of the time I don't remember dreaming about anything.
This one was almost coherent enough to call it a story, it's really embarrassing though and I can't remember much clearly. It was like some kind of brightly coloured chinese cartoon went wrong with lots of random horrible elements everywhere, but not exactly a nightmare.

I was in a cliche group of teenage friends, can't recall clearly who was involved. I only remember there were guys playing the roles of a jock and a nerd and some 2 other people, can't remember them at all.
A mysterious girl joined the group, can vaguely remember her clothes and auburn, maybe ginger hair. For some reason we started helping her with some dark shit. I don't remember what exactly I was doing or why, I only know that it felt wrong but somehow also necessary.
The deeds were getting darker and except for the girl everyone's bodies were mutating and decaying. The only thing I can remember saying in the whole dream was that I felt as if flesh was starting to peel off my bones. I was certain it was a punishment for whatever it was that we were doing.
I obviously had a crush on that girl but there was practically no interaction between us, can't remember her face. Almost no interaction with other characters either, it's usually that way in my dreams- almost like I'm watching everything from the outside.
In the end we recovered some artifact for her, turned out she was traveling in time and needed it to save the world or something. All the harm we've done was being fixed too and our decomposed zombie bodies were becoming normal again. Girl opens a portal and gets ready to get back to her time to save the world, everyone says their goodbyes, jock and the girl kiss, she goes. Then the guy for some reason hands me a necklace he somehow stole from her. Then I woke up feeling super sad and embarrassed as fuck.

Other dreams about girls were simpler, but I can remember only one. I was in a huge room where everything was soft and nice, just lying on giant fluffy carpet and cuddling with a girl for a long time. I wonder why it feels good in a dream, I never even touched one IRL.

In the end it might be better to have a nightmare than a nice dream. Waking up from a nightmare is better than waking up to one.


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>In the end it might be better to have a nightmare than a nice dream. Waking up from a nightmare is better than waking up to one.
sometimes I'm in the same boat, life becomes unbearable when i have good dreams. i prefer the nightmares, I'd never leave my bed or my house if i had good things inside my head.
I've told people about feeling like this, the only person to understand me was a turbo neet, everyone else gave me shit and told me to go to therapy i cant afford or called the fucking cops on me for welfare checks.


>If she wanted to see me again she'd contact me and say so
It's possible she thinks the same of you. Although, I do see your reasonings


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>Sometimes I have those periods when I don't feel anything at all until a dream like this comes and things go back to usual misery.
I know exactly what you're talking about, it's the same for me.

The worst about the dreams involving her is that they feel so real; seeing her, talking to her, sometimes even kissing her... it all feels like it's really happening to you. Then you wake up and realize none of this was real. You try to fall back asleep and continue the dream but it never works. You try to recapture all the things but it's all just vague and blurry thoughts. All of this is just depressing and makes me feel miserable for at least two days.


>when you had dreams of going on dates with your waifu before you even knew what a waifu is
>when you had a whole canon and it only existed when you went to sleep
>when you eventually grew up and now can't recall any kind of details about something that was really important in your life
End it.