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was gonna post this on art, however thought you guys would understand what im saying more.

Art that invokes that super surreal dream/nightmare feeling?

The only two things i know of that do it for me are yume nikki and lsd dream emulator, so just posting this screencap of that so you get what im talking about. When you look up nightmare or surreal art you get a lot of junk, things like horses with human heads or objects all stretched out, objects interacting in unintended ways, generic spooky stuff. There just is something not quite powerful enough about these pictures even if they are well made and beautiful. But I love that feeling I get when i see something such as the previously mentioned games that really captures it and can take me back there in my mind to some of the craziest dreams and nightmares ive had. feel free to post stuff you have made too, i often find myself trying to recall dreams through sketching.


This won't be much help to you but regarding what you said about surrealism, that stuff was really radical and startling when it was new because the stodgy arts community was so conservative that it had never let stuff like that thrive before. It's not startling to us today because the advertising industry of all things was the group who understood it the best and learned to integrate the design techniques into things like soft drink ads. We're just used to it now.


I'm not at all saying those aren't impressive. In fact part of the reason my dreams were so wild I think is because my mom had a load of surrealist paintings by Salvador Dali in the house as a kid including in my room.

The trash I was referring to was mainly newer stuff produced en masse by people to hit first result when you google "surreal art" or similar things.


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Catherine has a storyline about someone having horrific dreams, it gets that level of stress from its gameplay. Otherwise Condemned 2 was a overlooked classic, it has that weird combination of terrifying and disgustingly creepy. The premise for the game is a physiologic disturbed detective has to investigate crimes in a city that makes the purge look like a holiday. So go look closely at mutilated corpses and hope some deranged phyco doesn't club you over the head with a pipe. Its rare to find games that can pull of both combat and frights that aren't just jumpscares. Although personally i hated the last mission.

Theres something surreal and nightmare feeling about beating Shadow of the colossus, its one of the many reasons I love the game. Otherwise I can't really see anything other than cliche indie games you gotta really look around out there for reaching dream and LSD level subjects.